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US coffee giant Starbucks unveiled its first ever coffee house on rails Thursday, promising to add a caffeine boost to train rides in Switzerland.


The coffee goliath, which has rapidly been conquering Europe since it opened its first store on the continent in the alpine country 12 years ago, has joined forces with the country’s national rail company SBB to open its first store on a train.


With the Starbucks name and distinctive green logo plastered across the outside of the two-story car, inside smiling baristas in green aprons offer up hazelnut macchiatos and mochas in a setting reminiscent of the brand’s static stores.


During the nine-month trial period, it will make two daily trips between Geneva and St. Gallen in the northeast.



unveil:動詞,揭露。例句:A new government policy on forests is due to be unveiled in April.(新政府的森林政策將於4月披露。)

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Several dozen journalists took to the streets of Saint Petersburg to demand the release of Denis Sinyakov, detained on piracy charges along with the crew of a Greenpeace ship after an Arctic oil drilling protest.


During the protest in Russia’s second city, blindfolded photographers and other journalists held placards reading: "Who is next?" and "Photographer is not a pirate."


"We would like to show that we support our colleague," Alexander Koryakov, a photo editor with Kommersant broadsheet, told AFP.


"Unlike in the West where society comes up in support of journalists, in our country there is no one to defend journalists." He put the turnout at some 60 people.


A former staff photographer for AFP and Reuters, Sinyakov was covering the Greenpeace protest for a Russian online site.


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People who have surgery towards the end of the week are more likely to die than those who have procedures earlier on, researchers say.


A British Medical Journal report into non-emergency operations in England, suggests the overall risk of death from such planned procedures remains low. But it shows "unacceptable" variation in survival rates through the week, a leading body of UK surgeons says.


Researchers from Imperial College London gathered data from all non-emergency surgery undertaken by the NHS in England in 2008-11. Looking at some 4 million operations they found more than 27,000 deaths within a month of surgery, putting the average risk of death at 0.67%.


The researchers say they are concerned about the significant variation over the week, with the risk lowest for surgery carried out on Monday and then increasing with each subsequent day to peak at the weekend.



procedure:名詞,手術,程序。例句:The company has new procedures for dealing with complaints.(這家公司有新的程序處理申訴。)

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A zoo in the central China city of Luohe attempted to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion, state media reported. The large, aggressive breed has a trademark bushy mane that gives it a lion-like appearance, but its vocalizations are more woof than roar.


The Beijing Youth Daily said the zoo also had a dog in the wolf cage, foxes in the leopard enclosure and nutrias in the snake den.


Though the zoo said it wasn’t trying to fool anyone, it issued an apology to the public and closed for "rectification," reported another newspaper, the Beijing News.


The Beijing Youth Daily quoted zoo manager Liu Suya as denying any attempt at deception, saying the lion had been lent out for breeding and would be back soon. The dog belonged to a friend of a zoo keeper who was on a business trip and needed a place to keep his pet while away, Liu said.



go to the dogs:慣用語,衰敗,毀滅,每況愈下。例句:He was a prized actor, but his drug problem caused his career to go to the dogs.(他曾是獲得獎項肯定的演員,但吸毒問題讓他的演藝事業一落千丈。)

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A desktop device that can quickly scan objects so they can be replicated using a 3D printer has gone on sale.


The Makerbot Digitizer, which costs $1,400, will be shipped to the first buyers in October.


Demand for the machine appeared to overload the company’s store when it went on sale on Thursday evening.


The Digitizer is the latest product looking to bring 3D printing to mainstream technology users - but experts are sceptical.


The machine is designed to allow the replication of objects without any need for the user to learn any 3D modelling software or have any other special expertise.


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David Cameron has mounted a robust patriotic defence after the spokesman for Vladimir Putin reprtedly said the UK was a small island to which no one listened.


At a briefing with reporters in St Petersburg, the British prime minister went into overdrive in defence of the UK.


"Britain may be a small island, but I would challenge anyone to find a country with a prouder history, a bigger heart or greater resilience.


"Britain is an island that has helped to clear the European continent of fascism and was resolute in doing that throughout the second world war. Britain is an island that helped to abolish slavery, that has invented most of the things worth inventing, including every sport currently played around the world, that still today is responsible for art, literature and music that delights the entire world."


He then quipped that he was quite happy for his remarks to be set to music.


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Nobel Prize-winning scientist Prof Peter Higgs has revealed he did not know he had won the award until a woman congratulated him in the street.


Prof Higgs, who does not own a mobile phone, said a former neighbour had pulled up in her car as he was returning from lunch in Edinburgh.


He added: "She congratulated me on the news and I said ’oh, what news?’"


The woman had been alerted by her daughter in London that Prof Higgs had won the award, he revealed.


The 84-year-old emeritus professor at the University of Edinburgh was recognised by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for his work on the theory of the particle which shares his name, the Higgs boson.


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Looking dazed and sunburned, U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad walked ashore Monday, becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage.


The 64-year-old Nyad swam up to the beach just before 2 p.m. EDT, about 53 hours after starting her journey from Havana on Saturday. As she approached, spectators waded into waist-high water and surrounded her, taking pictures and cheering her on.


Nyad’s previous try was cut short amid boat trouble, storms, unfavorable currents and jellyfish stings that left her face puffy and swollen.


President Barack Obama was among a flurry of public officials and celebrities who tweeted congratulations. The president’s tweet read:“Never give up on your dreams.”


Although she had some swelling of the lips, tongue and the airway near the mouth, Nyad wouldn’t need a long recovery, the doctor said, calling her stable and “very healthy.”


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Despite being home to about 16,000 tree species, just 227 "hyperdominant" species account for half of Amazonia’s total trees, a study suggests.


An international team of researchers found that the region was, in total, home to an estimated 390 billion trees. Writing in Science, they added that the rarest 11,000 species made up only 0.12% of tree cover.


The results were based on a survey of 1,170 plots and half-a-million trees across the six-million-square-kilometre area, often described as the lungs of the world.


The authors said that the underlying cause of the hyper dominance of the 227 species, which accounted for 1.4% of the estimated number of species in the region, remained unknown.


The lead author Dr. Hans ter Steege said: "We don’t really know why these species are so incredibly dominant because they do not have any particular ecological feature that stands out."


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The fruit cake has been perfectly preserved since the wedding reception at Buckingham Palace.


The lavish four-tier cake, that stood at 9ft tall, was split between 2,000 guests who celebrated the marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. The 3.5 ins by 7.5 ins slice was given to one of the couple’s guards of honour at the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey.


It was later donated to the Princess Alice Hospice, in Esher, Surrey, where it lay in a filing cabinet drawer for 15 years.

後來這塊蛋糕捐給英國薩里郡伊舍鎮的慈善機構「愛麗絲公主療養院」(Princess Alice Hospice),它們把蛋糕放在壁櫥的抽屜裡15年。

It went for a hammer price of £1,500 but with added fees the overall price was £1,750.



slice:名詞,一片,東西的一小部分。例句:The film presents us with a fascinating slice of history.(這部電影為我們呈現了一小段迷人的歷史。)

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J.D. Megchelsen holds the record for giant pumpkins in Alaska, and the Nikiski gardener knew he had a candidate this year to beat the record of 1,287 pounds set in 2011.


But when a boom truck gently lifted the behemoth on Monday with rigging and a sling, the big pumpkin revealed a big disappointment: a thumb-size hole that will make it ineligible for the competition at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.


Entries must be free of rot, chemical residue and serious soft spots. They can’t have holes or cracks that reach the pumpkin cavity.


A scale on the crane indicated the big pumpkin weighed 1,500 pounds, but Megchelsen estimates the state competition scale would have registered closer to 1,420 pounds.


"It’s just killing him," said Pam Elkins, Megchelsen’s sister-in-law. "He eats, sleeps and dreams pumpkins. All he does is pumpkins." (AP)


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A couple who tried to sell their two-year-old daughter via Facebook has been arrested in the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife, police said on Wednesday.


A police spokesman in Recife told AFP that the toddler’s biological parents were arrested and jailed late Tuesday after failing to post bail set at $6,666 each.


The girl was turned over to the city’s child protective services.


"The 23-year-old mother said she needed money to travel to Europe for prostitution. The 40-year-old father did not say anything," the spokesman added.


A social worker from Campina Grande in Paraiba state reported the couple to authorities after reaching a monetary agreement for the transaction on Facebook.


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Patrick, the 23-year-old Western lowland gorilla, has been handed his walking papers for being anti-social and sexist


The silverback will be transferred to the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, S.C. where he’ll be allowed more solitude, according to a statement issued by the Dallas Zoo.


Patrick has lived at Dallas Zoo in the US since he was five. He gets along fine with humans, but struggles to forge relationships with other gorillas, particularly females.


The guy’s just rude. Over the last 18 years, Patrick has bit, nipped and sneered at female gorillas while failing to engage meaningfully with other males. His one friend, Jabari, was shot to death by police after he escaped the zoo in 2004 and injured three people.


"It’s become clear that he prefers to live a solitary life," said Dr. Lynn Kramer, head veterinarian at the Dallas Zoo. "This move will allow Patrick to continue to thrive while creating an opportunity for our four remaining males to form a cohesive bachelor group."


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Ukrainian astronomers discover massive asteroid that could hit the earth with the power of 2,500 nuclear bombs.


Crimean Astrophysical Observatory found the massive asteroid, called 2013 TV135, last weekend and the international scientific community has already rated it as one of the two most dangerous asteroids ever recorded.

克里米亞天文台上週末發現這顆龐大的小行星,命名為2013 TV135,國際科學界已將其評等為曾經被記錄的2顆最危險行星之一。

The world as we know it could end on August 26, 2032.


Still, the chances of the object striking Earth are very low, estimated at 1 in 63,000. That means there’s a 99.9984 percent chance that life on the planet will continue as normal.


The chance of hitting a MegaMillions jackpot, by comparison, is 1 in 176million.


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Forced into marriage when she was only 13, Saadah is now back in her impoverished Yemeni family’s cramped home with two children, little money and dreams of returning to school.


"Child brides," or "death brides" as they are sometimes called, are quite common in poor, tribal Yemen, where barely pubescent girls are forced into marriage, often to much older men.


Saadah’s ill father, no longer able to sustain his family, married her off five years ago. But her husband soon began forcing her to beg on the capital’s streets with her boys until she fled back to her parents’ home.


"He would beat and verbally abuse me and my family," says Saadah, now 18, whose name means happiness in Arabic. Her two boys, aged three and four, look on as she recounts the nightmare of her marriage.


Her 16-year-old sister Amnah was also forced to marry, and wed a man who agreed to pay her father’s 93 dollars worth of debt three years ago.


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A British member of the European Parliament has been temporarily disowned by his right-wing party after referring to a room of party delegates on Friday as ``sluts.’’


Godfrey Bloom found himself in hot water on Friday at the conference of the United Kingdom Independence Party, or UKIP, when he said "this place is full of sluts’’ in response to a delegate who joked that she did not clean behind her fridge.


Bloom insisted he was joking, that "slut’’ was a way of referring not to promiscuity but untidiness. He later asked a BBC reporter if her mother had ever called her a slut. That reporter laughed – but the comments set off a firestorm.


Party leader Nigel Farage said Bloom had

"gone beyond the pale’’ with his slut comment. "What he ought to have learnt is that time and time again he says things that overshadow the whole agenda that UKIP is fighting for.’’



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Russia’s pride in composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, even though he was gay, is proof that the country does not discriminate against homosexuals, President Vladimir Putin said.


Putin was apparently seeking to ease concerns that a new law banning "gay propaganda" will be used to clamp down on gay rights.


"Tchaikovsky was gay - although it’s true that we don’t love him because of that - but he was a great musician and we all love his music. So what?," Putin said in an interview with Russian state Channel 1 television.


"There is no cause to make a mountain out of a molehill, nothing scary or terrible is happening here in our country."


Asked whether he would meet members of the gay and lesbian community, Putin said: "I assure you that I work with these people, I sometimes award them with state prizes." (Reuters)


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Turkey and Jordan called on Tuesday for a more robust international effort to end Syria’s civil war, saying the global community had a responsibility not to abandon the Syrian people.


Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Jordan’s King Abdullah made the remarks while addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York. Gul said the international community was responsible for ending the conflict, which has killed more than 100,000 people, according to U.N. estimates.


Turkey, once an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but now one of his fiercest critics as he fights rebels trying to oust him, called for U.N. Security Council action last month after a deadly chemical weapons attack near Damascus.


"This conflict has evolved into a real threat to regional peace and security," Gul said. "Any recurrence of the proxy wars of the Cold-War era will plunge Syria into further chaos."


Gul said Turkey welcomed a U.S.-Russian agreement to remove Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal but said the world must not allow Assad’s government to "avoid responsibility for its other crimes."(Reuters)


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A video showing a US woman leading a dance party in an operating theater just before undergoing a double mastectomy has gone viral online.


Deborah Cohan, a trained gynecologist, can be seen getting down — dressed in full pre-op gown and colorful protective cap — with a team of anesthetists and other surgical staff.


By Thursday more than 1.4 million people had viewed the 6-minute video showing them dancing to the Beyonce song "Get Me Bodied," Cohan gyrating energetically with a huge smile on her face.


"Nothing brings me greater joy than catalysing others to dance, move, be in their bodies," she said in a blog post before the operation at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center on Tuesday.


In her "Deborah’s Healing Journey" blog, posted on the website of non-profit Caring Bridge, she asked people to film or picture themselves dancing to the Beyonce tune, wherever they were.


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A boat carrying at least 70 Muslim Rohingya capsized and sank Sunday off the western coast of Myanmar. Only eight survivors have been found.


The boat was in the Bay of Bengal and headed for Bangladesh when it went down early Sunday, said Abdul Melik, who works for a humanitarian organization in the region.


The incident comes after the United Nations warned that an annual and often deadly exodus of desperate people from Myanmar’s Rakhine state appears to have begun. The exodus usually kicks off in November, when seas begin to calm following the annual monsoon. As many as 1,500 people have fled in the last week.


In Sunday’s incident, Melik said the wooden boat, which was carrying at least 70 Rohingya from Ohn Taw Gyi village, left at around 3 a.m. and broke apart about four hours later. Women, children and babies were among those on board.


Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist nation of 60 million, has been gripped by sectarian violence in the last 18 months, leaving more than 240 people dead and causing 250,000 to flee from their homes. Most of the victims have been Rohingya, a long persecuted Muslim minority in the country, with Buddhist mobs chasing them down with machetes, iron chains and bamboo clubs.


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