The Ocean's Blue Tears

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自'sBlueTears

There's nothing quite like laying eyes on the blue sea. Seeing the clear, colorful water is a magical experience that is almost beyond words. There are places in the world where the water is not just blue, it is actually glowing.
What can make the sea glow bright blue? It is not the forces of magic at work, but plankton, which are small sea creatures. Certain species of plankton have evolved a special defense. Whenever a predator gets too close, they glow. The predator becomes confused or is even scared away. In places like the Maldives, Puerto Rico, and San Diego, California, plankton gather near the shore at night. People watch from the shore, or even set out on kayaks to take in the wonderful sight. As the sunlight fades, the plankton begin to put on their amazing show.
究竟是什麼使海水發出亮藍色的光呢?並不是魔法使然,而是海中的小型生物 —— 浮游生物。某些浮游生物物種已演化出一種特別的防禦機制。每當一有掠食者逼太近時,牠們就會發光。掠食者便會感到困惑或甚至被嚇跑。在馬爾地夫、波多黎各和加州的聖地牙哥等地,晚上時浮游生物會匯集在海岸附近。人們從岸邊觀看或甚至搭輕艇出海欣賞這般奇景。當暮光漸暗時,浮游生物便開始上演牠們的奇幻秀。

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