The retiring head chef of the Elysee Palace spills the beans on the eating habits of French presidents.


Bernard Vaussion described the presidents he served as "gourmands" but singled out Jacques Chirac as having a particularly fine palate.


Mr Chirac, who once openly criticised British cuisine, enjoyed calf’s head, sauerkraut and beer, the chef said.


Nicolas Sarkozy did not eat cheese and Francois Hollande simply likes to eat, according to Mr Vaussion.


But he said he would not reveal all - to avoid the leaders being served the same meal everywhere they go.


Mr Vaussion also said the Elysee was not immune to national food trends. He said there had been a move towards "lighter cuisine" especially under Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he described as having a fondness for chocolate and steamed fish.


While it may have been nerve-wracking to cook for presidents, Mr Vaussion says the pressure is even greater when cooking for other world leaders.


"In a restaurant, if there is an error, the customer doesn’t come back. Here it is me who would be asked to leave," he said.



spill the beans:動詞片語,透露、走漏秘密消息。例句:We’ve all known your affair with John. He has spilled the beans.(我們都已經知道你和約翰的婚外情。他說溜嘴了。)

have a(fine, good...)palate:動詞片語,有(好)的審美眼光、鑑賞力。例句:It needs a sensitive palate for different types of food to be a food critic.(要當美食評論家,必須對不同種類的食物有敏銳的鑑賞能力。)

nerve-wracking:形容詞,令人緊張不安的、很有壓力的。例句:It was the most nerve-wracking game I’ve watched.(這是我看過最令人緊張的一場比賽。)

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