The Art and Skill of Making Paper Models
FUN紙玩藝 ── 百變紙模型

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Paper modeling is sometimes referred to as cardboard or paper engineering. If you have ever seen a young child playing with a pop-up book, then you have seen an example of paper engineering. It requires clever designs that allow previously flat pages to change into three-dimensional images. Pop-up books are examples of a kind of publication called moveable books. It is interesting to note that, while moveable books are thought of as being just for kids today, they were originally created for adults.
In addition to pop-up books, there are several other kinds of moveable books, including transformations, which use vertical tabs that readers pull to change the scenes. Some books have pages with rotating parts known as volvelles.
紙模型有時候被稱為硬紙板或紙雕塑工程。如果你曾看過小朋友在玩立體書,那你就看過紙雕塑工程的一個例子。立體書需要巧妙的設計使原先平坦的紙張轉變成 3D 形像。立體書屬於可被稱之為可動書的一種出版物。值得注意的有趣地方是,雖然今日可動書是給小孩看的,但是它原先是為成人製作的。

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