The Benz Patent-Motorwagen

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In today’s world of cars, it is hard to imagine that just 129 years ago no one drove anywhere. That was all about to change thanks to the efforts of inventor Karl Benz and his wife, Bertha. On January 29, 1886, Karl Benz received the patent for his motorwagen, which many regard as the very first car. While Benz worked tirelessly to perfect his invention, he did not realize the full potential of his creation until his wife took the motorcar out for a 194-kilometer road trip. During her trip, she made improvements to the engine and redesigned the brakes. Her famous trip marked her as the very first person to ever drive a car.
在今日到處都是車子的世界裡,很難想像一百二十九年以前沒有人在開車。多虧了發明家卡爾•賓士和他妻子貝爾莎的努力,一切都將改變。1886 年一月二十九日,卡爾•賓士獲得「賓士一號」(目前很多人認為它是世上第一輛汽車)的專利。雖然賓士努力不懈地來使他的發明達到完美,但是直到他的妻子駕著這輛三輪汽車完成一百九十四公里的道路旅行之前,他還是無法使這輛汽車完全發揮它的潛力。在她的旅途中,她改良了引擎並重新設計了煞車系統。她這趟著名的旅程使她成為第一位駕駛汽車的人。 

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