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A fascinating Middle Eastern dance has been attracting audiences for centuries. Belly dancing is often performed by a woman dressed in a costume as she shakes and moves her hips and torso. The name belly dancing is actually a bit misleading because it is the hips and torso of the dancer that do most of the moving, instead of the belly. The actual performance is usually accompanied by a variety of Arabian-style rhythms and beats. Belly dancing is believed to have a long history in the Middle East, though its exact origin is difficult to trace. What is known, however, is that today’s dancers use techniques and movements similar to those used by the belly dancers during the days of the Ottoman Empire.



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“In the long run, you make your own luck – good, bad, or indifferent.”

– Loretta Lynn, Singer

「長期而言,你決定自己的運氣是好,是壞,或普通。」蘿瑞塔.琳 (歌手)

indifferent (adj.) 普通的,中庸的。例:an indifferent performance (一個普通的表現)

蘿瑞塔.琳 (1932- ) 為美國鄉村歌手及作曲家,獲得多項獎項,包括 4 個葛萊美獎、12 個美國鄉村音樂獎,對美國的鄉村音樂及文化有重大影響,被譽為「鄉村音樂第一夫人」。


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In the United States, many people think fortune cookies are a Chinese invention. That is because they are served in nearly every Chinese restaurant from New York City to New Mexico. However, they actually originated in the 19th century in Kyoto, Japan. There, chefs would slip a tiny slip of paper into the bend of the cookie, containing a random prediction of things to come.
Somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, fortune cookies were introduced to the US. Makoto Hagiwara of the Japanese Tea Garden restaurant in San Francisco is widely believed to have been the first to offer them to his customers. The idea was a big hit, and today these treats have even made the jump to the big screen. In the hit film, Freaky Friday, a mother and daughter switch bodies due to an enchanted fortune cookie. The next time you head out for a meal, do not skip dessert. It just might tell you what's coming around the corner.



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A German shop assistant in a late-night convenience store chased away two armed robbers demanding money with the hose of a vacuum cleaner she was using to clean her shop in Berlin’s Neukölln district, police said on Wednesday.


One of the two would-be robbers was brandishing a pistol and demanded she turn over the money from her cash register in the attempted robbery just after midnight on Tuesday.


But police said the woman, 59, stormed toward the duo and aimed the hose attachment of her switched-on vacuum cleaner at them.

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“God knows we all have demons, and we are works in progress in trying to grow into our better selves.”

– Vin Diesel, Actor

「老天爺知道我們都有恐懼,而我們都是半成品,試圖成為更好的自己。」馮‧迪索 (演員)


God knows 用來強調某事的真實性。例:God knows I don’t like math. (我真的不喜歡數學。) demon (n.) 惡魔,惡鬼。work in progress 未完成、進行一半的事物。


馮‧迪索 (1967-) 出生美國紐約,為演員及電影製作人,1998 年在史帝芬·史匹柏導演的戰爭片《搶救雷恩大兵》演出後成名,其代表作為《玩命關頭》系列電影。

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“Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it, and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else: hard work – and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t.”

– Lucille Ball, Actress

「運氣?我不相信運氣,我從來就不指望它,而且我害怕指望它的人。運氣對我來說是另一回事:努力而且知道什麼是機會,什麼不是。」露西爾‧鮑爾 (演員)


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For the first time, a Los Angeles shelter’s Hero Dog award has gone to a cat.


In May 2014, Tara the cat fought off a dog that attacked her 6-year-old owner as he rode his bicycle in the driveway of the family’s Bakersfield home.


Tara body-slammed Scrappy, a chow-mix that lived next door, when the dog got out of his yard, ran for Jeremy Triantafilo, grabbed his leg and started shaking from side-to-side.


Jeremy, who is autistic and had to have eight stitches, calls Scrappy a "bad dog," said his dad, Roger Triantafilo. About Tara, Jeremy said, "She is my hero."

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“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”

– Brian Tracy, Motivational Coach


「你現在已擁有你需要的一切,來面對世界所丟給你的任何問題。」布萊恩‧崔西 (勵志教練)


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The white-feathered, short-tempered sailor, Donald Duck, first appeared on televisions this month in 1934. Donald Duck’s origin may have been partly inspired by an Australian cricket player of the time, Donald Bradman. In cricket, if a batter fails to hit the ball, he is then dismissed as a duck, and in one particular game, Bradman did just that. At the same time, Clarence Nash was auditioning as a voice performer at Walt Disney Studios. Walt Disney himself was particularly impressed with Nash’s duck sounds and chose him to be the voice of Mickey’s new friend, Donald Duck. It was not long afterwards that Donald Duck started appearing in his own animated series, movies, and video games.


1934 年六月時,白羽毛、壞脾氣的水手唐老鴨第一次出現在電視上。唐老鴨的起源或許一部份受到當代的澳洲板球選手唐納德布萊德曼的啟發。在板球裡,如果打擊手沒打到球,就會被斥為「鴨子」,而在一場特別的比賽中,布萊德曼就是沒打到球而被斥為「鴨子」。同時,克拉倫斯納許參加了華特迪士尼電影公司配音員試鏡。華特迪士尼本人特別對納許的鴨子聲印象深刻,並選他來為米奇的新朋友唐老鴨發聲。不久,唐老鴨便開始出現在牠自己的卡通、電影和電玩遊戲中。 

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

– James Baldwin, Writer

「不是我們面對的每一件事都能改變,但沒有事情能夠改變,直到我們面對它。」詹姆斯‧鮑德溫 (作家)


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A big part of the world has fallen in love with Hallyu, or the Korean wave. The Korean wave refers to the popularity of Korean culture, such as Korean drama, music, and food. And right at the center of Hallyu is South Korea's largest city, Seoul. As Korean culture becomes increasingly popular around the planet, more and more tourists, many of them from China, are choosing to visit South Korea's capital. K-pop singers such as PSY, with his big hit Gangnam Style, have helped encourage tourism to Seoul. Also, fans of Korean soap operas enjoy making trips to see the places where their favorite TV shows are shot.
Apart from Korean pop culture, visitors enjoy coming to Seoul to do some shopping. For expensive fashions and international brands sold at outlets, Myeongdong is the place to be. The Gangnam district, made world famous by PSY, is also known as an expensive shopping area.


世上有一大部分的人已愛上 Hallyu,也就是「韓流」。韓流指的是韓國文化的流行,如韓劇、音樂和食物。而位於韓流中心的正是南韓最大的城市 ── 首爾。隨著韓國文化在全球變得越來越受歡迎,越來越多的觀光客,其中許多來自中國,選擇參觀南韓的首都。韓國流行樂歌手如 PSY 和他的夯曲《江南 Style》促進了首爾的觀光業。此外,韓劇迷也喜歡到他們最愛的電視劇拍攝地點旅遊。
除了韓國流行文化,觀光客也喜歡到首爾購物。如果你想要到販售昂貴時裝和國際知名品牌的經銷店購物,那明洞就是你該去的地方。江南區,因 PSY 走紅全球,也以昂貴的購物區聞名。 

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A stranded sea lion pup has been spotted wandering a San Francisco sidewalk in a scene that marine rescuers warn could become commonplace as the ocean heats up.


Video from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito shows the male sea lion nicknamed Rubbish hiding under a car Thursday and waddling away from rescuers. They eventually got a net around the pup, moved it into a crate and took it to the center.


KNTV reports that a veterinarian there recognized Rubbish, who also was rescued in Santa Barbara in February. Then, he was treated for pneumonia and malnutrition.


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Jerry often overslept in the morning, so he was always late to school. Waking up early was torture for him because he stayed up late almost every night. Jerry even set two alarm clocks, but he still couldn't get up on time. Jerry never got enough sleep because he was addicted to playing games online and chatting with friends on his smartphone. These bad habits became part of his life.
One day, while rushing to school, Jerry rode his bike as fast as he could. Jerry was riding his bike so fast that he didn't notice his teacher standing on the corner. H
e ran right into her. Jerry's teacher gave him a harsh punishment that he would never forget. From then on, Jerry dropped his bad habits and was never late to school again.




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Despite two million years of munching almost exclusively on bamboo, the giant panda’s gut has not adapted to eating the plant--putting the creatures in an "evolutionary dilemma", scientists said Tuesday.



The surprising study, reported by online US journal mBio, examined 45 giant pandas over the course of a year and found that the animals appeared to have a digestive system "entirely differentiated from other herbivores".


Instead, the pandas still retained the gut bacteria of the omnivorous bears they evolved from, the report’s summary said.

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Measles can harm the immune system for up to three years, leaving survivors at a higher risk of catching other infectious and potentially deadly diseases, researchers said.



It was previously known that measles could suppress the body’s natural defenses for months, but the findings in the journal Science show that the dangers of the vaccine-preventable disease last much longer, by wiping out essential memory cells that protect the body against infections like pneumonia, meningitis and parasitic diseases.


"In other words, if you get measles, three years down the road, you could die from something that you would not die from had you not been infected with measles," said co-author C. Jessica Metcalf, assistant professor of Princeton University.

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“You could always be anything you wanted to be if you worked hard. And so I never felt constrained. I never felt that there were limitations on what I could do.”

– Ann Dunwoody, Four-Star General

「只要努力,你可以成為任何你想要成為的人,我從不覺得自己受限,我從不覺得我能做的事受到限制。」安‧鄧伍迪 (四星上將)

constrain (v.) 限制,束縛。例:Poor soil constrained the level of crop production. (貧脊的土壤限制農作物的產量。)

安‧鄧伍迪 (1953- ) 為美國已退休四星上將,她是第一位達到此位階的女性軍官,官至美國陸軍裝備司令部司令。


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Godzilla has stomped so many buildings in Japan that the irradiated monster was appointed special resident and tourism ambassador for Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward.


A Godzilla-size head towering 52-meters above ground level was unveiled Thursday at an office of Toho, the Japanese studio behind the 1954 original. Toho is shooting a comeback film this year after a decade-long hiatus.


Japan is hoping the biggest star in this nation’s movie history will help lure tourists during a market-opening strategy launched by the prime minister.


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The term podcast is a combination of part of the word broadcast, and pod, meaning a device which plays digital media. Within the last decade, podcasting has taken off. Regular people and even celebrities have started recording their own shows at home using simple equipment. Unlike regular radio programs, these can be downloaded and listened to anywhere, anytime, and the content is entirely up to the creator.
Now there are podcasts for just about anything you can name. If you love to learn, check out Stuff You Should Know, a podcast that delves into serious science and stuff that is just plain interesting. For comedy lovers, there is Jordan, Jesse, Go!, a show put on by two guys who have been friends since college and have great comedic chemistry.


podcast」這個詞彙是由 broadcast 這個字的一部分和 pod 組合而成,而 pod 的意思是指播放數位媒體的裝置。在過去十年,播客就很成功。一般大眾甚至是名人都在家中利用簡單的設備開始錄製他們的個人節目。不像一般的廣播節目,這些節目隨時隨地都能被下載和收聽,而內容完全由創作者自訂。 
現在幾乎所有你可以說出名字的主題都有播客。如果你喜歡學習,去看看《Stuff You Should Know》,這是一個探索嚴肅科學和一些十分有趣事物的播客。 
對於喜愛喜劇的人,有一個節目叫做《Jordan, Jesse, Go!》,這是一個由兩位男士推出的播客,他們自大學時就是朋友,兩人間常擦出許多充滿喜感的互動火花。

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Imagine walking around a corner and coming face to face with an exact likeness of yourself. For many celebrities, this puzzling experience is something they have encountered at Madame Tussauds, the world-famous wax museum.
Founder Marie Tussaud was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1760. Her mother was a housekeeper for a doctor, Philippe Curtius, in Bern, Switzerland. It just so happened that the doctor was also a skilled wax modeler, so he passed on the skill to Tussaud. When Doctor Curtius passed away in 1794, Tussaud inherited his wax model collection. She would take the collection on a tour of Europe lasting over three decades before finally settling down in London. That was where the first Madame Tussauds wax museum opened its doors in 1835.

對許多名人而言,這個令人困惑的體驗是他們在世界知名的蠟像館── 杜莎夫人蠟像館 ── 所遇到的。
創辦人杜莎夫人 1760 年時出生於法國的史特拉斯堡市。她母親在瑞士的伯恩市當菲力歌德施醫生的女管家。那位醫生剛好也是一位技術熟練的蠟塑家,所以他把這些蠟塑的技巧傳給了杜莎夫人。
1794 年歌德施醫生去世時,杜莎夫人繼承了他的蠟製品收藏。在她最後定居於倫敦前,她帶著收藏品遊覽歐洲歷經三十多年。1835 年第一間杜莎夫人蠟像館於倫敦開幕。 

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“Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”

– Charles Schulz, Cartoonist

「人生像是一台 10 段變速腳踏車,大多數人都有沒用到的排檔。」查爾斯‧舒茲 (漫畫家)

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