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Social media networks like Facebook are not putting users in an ideological information bubble, despite fears to the contrary, a new research report said.


The study published in the journal Science, based on an analysis of 10 million Facebook users and seven million web links, found many of the shared stories allowed people to get viewpoints different from their own.


The findings appeared to minimize concerns that social networks are leading to political polarization by grouping people along ideological lines and not exposing them to opposing views.


Facebook has been under special scrutiny because it uses algorithms that aim to deliver relevant stories to each user based on their interests.

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An unknown man in Birmingham, England has been spotted dressed up as the web-slinging superhero to feed the homeless at night. The masked do-gooder stated that he has been doing this for over a year, but only recently started dressing up as Spider-Man.
His wish was to put a smile on the faces of people he was helping. The Birmingham Spiderman, as he is known, explained that he does not accept money for anything he does and encourages everyone to get involved to feed those who need help. The efforts of the Birmingham Spiderman have caught the attention of many local and international news outlets. Photos of the Birmingham superhero helping the needy can be seen on Twitter and elsewhere on the Internet.


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The breakneck speed at which society has advanced over the past 100 years has brought us the comforts and conveniences we have all come to enjoy. Our progress, however, has come at the environment’s expense. Human activities, such as mining and drilling, have ruined the habitats of many of Earth’s majestic species. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that roughly 10,000 species are lost every year due to human activity. While we may not notice if a certain species of beetle goes extinct, we would be quite upset if the world were absent of tigers. The burden of bringing these animals back from the brink of extinction may be difficult, but if we do not do something then who will?



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“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage.”

– Jack Welch, General Electric CEO

「一個機構學習並將它快速轉化為行動的能力,是一間公司最最重要的競爭優勢。」傑克‧韋爾許 (奇異公司執行長)

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有些人很怕嘗試任何新事物。但是你肯定不能那樣說露坎恩。事實上,2010 年裡的每一天,這位美國女性嘗試了她以前從未做過的事情。她的新體驗裡有一些並不是都那麼具有挑戰性,像是在冰淇淋店裡品嘗所有口味的冰淇淋或是跟完全陌生的人說話。然而,其他的體驗就比較大膽了。有一天,她吃下一隻蠍子。另外有一次,她在新年那天在大西洋城附近的冰冷海水裡游泳。


Some people are afraid to try anything new. That definitely cannot be said about Lu Ann Cahn. In fact, every day in 2010, the American woman tried something she had never done before. Some of her new experiences were not all that challenging, such as trying all the flavors in an ice cream shop or talking to a complete stranger. Others, though, were more adventurous. One day, she ate a scorpion. Another time, she took a swim in icy cold water near Atlantic City on New Year’s Day.
What motivated Cahn to do all these things? After having her large intestine removed at the age of 33, getting breast cancer two years after that, and then kidney cancer at age 45, Cahn found herself in a rut. She began to resist change. Her daughter encouraged her to try something new every day for a year. 

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Star Wars, the epic saga that redefined the sci-fi genre and dramatically changed the Hollywood box office, is being rebooted into theaters with a brand new story this December. Before it ever became the mega-blockbuster that it is today, it was a simple idea penciled onto a notepad by an unknown director, George Lucas. Little did Lucas realize that his idea for a space opera would one day change the world.
In 1977, America went crazy for Star Wars. Everything from shirts to toys to video games to trading cards have featured a Star Wars logo or character. The world had never seen such widespread excitement for a movie before.

1977 年時,美國為了《星際大戰》而瘋狂。所有東西從襯衫、玩具、電動遊戲到交換卡片都以《星際大戰》的標誌或人物為主要特色。世人以前從未見識過這麼多人為了一部電影而如此興奮。 

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“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.”

– Oprah Winfrey, Talk Show Host

「我不覺得自己是一位獲得成功的貧民區女孩,我覺得自己從小就知道我要對自己的人生負責,而且我必須成功。」歐普拉‧溫芙蕾 (脫口秀主持人)

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A 92-year-old cancer survivor is seeking to become the oldest woman to finish a marathon.


Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, is competing in the Rock `n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego that began Sunday morning.

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The enormous number of products that feature Garfield's image earn between US$750 million and US$1 billion a year. This includes collections of the comic strips in over a hundred books. Part of Garfield's popularity is the fact that Jim Davis, his creator and cartoonist, keeps the humor simple. Garfield loves sleeping and eating lasagna and pizza. He hates diets and Nermal, so he does everything he can to avoid both. He is mean to Odie, but gets bullied by Arlene. Garfield's owner, Jon, is always a lovable loser. Most importantly, anyone can enjoy the comic strip because it stays away from politics and does not take a stand on sensitive topics or issues. The jokes are always light, and no one ever gets hurt in the end. It is no surprise that Garfield is one of the most successful cartoon characters of all time.



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Marissa Mayer (雅虎執行長)





“I always surrounded myself with the smartest people I could find, because they make you think about things harder. I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow.”

– Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

「我永遠讓自己圍繞在我能找到最聰明的人之中,因為他們會讓人更努力思考。我永遠會去做一些我還沒完全準備好能做的事,我認為那是讓人成長的方式。」梅麗莎‧梅爾 (雅虎執行長)

surround (v.) 圍繞,包圍。例:The city was surrounded by high walls. (這城市被高聳的城牆所圍繞。)

梅麗莎‧梅爾 (1975-) 為雅虎總裁及執行長,曾擔任 Google 發言人與副執行長。她是《財星》雜誌公布 2012 年全球前 500 大企業最年輕的執行長。

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