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中英對照─Chemical found in spinach has the same effect as steroids and should be banned for athletes, scientists say/科學家:菠菜中發現的化學物質與類固醇有相同效果 應禁止運動員食用

Maybe Popeye was onto something when he ripped open a can of spinach for beating up the bad guys.


Scientists in Germany say, ecdysterone, a chemical found in spinach is close to steroids and has a similar effect on humans. Researchers at Freie Universität Berlin ran a 10-week test on nearly 50 athletes and found athletes who took capsules of ecdysterone increased their strength by up to three times.


The capsules the athletes were given were the equivalent of about nine pounds of spinach but researchers say the capsules could be used as a performance enhancing drug. The study has called on the World Anti-Doping Authority to dig further into ecdysterone and wants the chemical added to the list of banned substances for athletes.



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《中英對照讀新聞》Trump Calls to Allow Russia to Join G7川普呼籲讓俄羅斯加入G7

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday it would be appropriate to let Russia join the G7 group of advanced industrialized countries.


Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump noted his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, had wanted Russia out of what used to be the G8 "because Putin outsmarted him."


Russia was pushed out of the G8 in 2014 because of its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron had said he would oppose Russia’s admission to the group as long as the Ukrainian crisis continues.


It was not the first time Trump has floated the idea of Russia getting back together with the G7. In June 2018, Trump suggested Russia should attend a forthcoming G7 summit in Canada.



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中英對照讀新聞》Decades-Old Computer Science Conjecture Solved in Two Pages 以兩頁證出數十年懸而未解的計算機科學猜想

A paper posted online this month has settled a nearly 30-year-old conjecture about the structure of the fundamental building blocks of computer circuits. This "sensitivity" conjecture has stumped many of the most prominent computer scientists over the years, yet the new proof is so simple that one researcher summed it up in a single tweet.


The conjecture concerns Boolean functions, rules for transforming a string of input bits(0s and 1s)into a single output bit. One such rule is to output a 1 provided any of the input bits is 1, and a 0 otherwise; another rule is to output a 0 if the string has an even number of 1s, and a 1 otherwise.


Hao Huang, a mathematician at Emory University, has proved the sensitivity conjecture with an ingenious but elementary two-page argument about the combinatorics of points on cubes.


In 2018, Huang used a 200-year-old piece of mathematics called the Cauchy interlace theorem, which relates a matrix’s eigenvalues to those of a submatrix, making it potentially the perfect tool to study the relationship between a cube and a subset of its corners.



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《中英對照讀新聞》Foreign ministers of Korea, Japan fail to mend fences-韓、日外長未能冰釋前嫌

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and her Japanese counterpart, Taro Kono, met for 35 minutes on the sidelines of a trilateral meeting with their Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, in Gubei Water Town near Beijing.


Kang strongly urged Kono to retract the country’s decision to remove South Korea from its "whitelist" of countries with fast-track trade status. Kono said he hoped the Korean government would pay attention to the safety of Japanese people in Korea.


In a trilateral meeting where the three ministers gathered, Kang stressed that cooperation among the three nations should not be shaken by bilateral relations. "East Asia has a responsibility for global stability and prosperity," Kono said, noting that the economies of the three countries combined account for over 25 percent of the world’s gross domestic product.



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《中英對照讀新聞》 Indonesian walks 700-km backwards to highlight deforestation 印尼人倒退走700公里 凸顯森林砍伐問題

An Indonesia man is walking backwards from his home in eastern Java to the capital Jakarta to raise awareness of deforestation.


The more than 700 km would be arduous enough under any circumstances, but Medi Bastoni is drawing attention to his campaign by doing it walking backwards.


Bastoni, 43, started on July 18 from his village on Mount Wilis, a 2,500-meter volcano in East Java province that has been affected by deforestation. He hopes to meet President Joko Widodo when he arrives in Jakarta later this month.


Indonesia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, with more than 74 million hectares of rainforest - an area nearly twice the size of Japan - logged, burned or degraded in the last half century, according to Greenpeace.


Bastoni walks at least 20-30 km a day, carrying only snacks and water. A rear-view mirror attached to his backpack helps him to avoid obstacles.(Reuters)

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Tiny, blunt-headed sharks called pocket sharks are so rare that until just a few years ago, only one individual had ever been collected from the southeastern Pacific Ocean.


The only other pocket shark specimen in the world - a female - was caught in 1979 and is part of the collection at the Zoological Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA)caught a second pocket shark in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists declared it to be a pocket shark in 2015, and after further analysis it was recently described as a new species.


You might think that adorable pocket sharks are so named because they’re small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket. However, the name comes not from their petite size but from a physical feature:a pocket-like orifice found near their pectoral fins.



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中英對照讀新聞》 Egypt teaches students about love and marriage in attempt to curb divorce 為控制離婚率,埃及教導學生愛與婚姻

During a class at Cairo University, students laughed as they watched a skit acted out by their peers about a married couple. This is part of a new government project called Mawadda-meaning affection, which offers lessons to university students about how to pick the right partner and how to handle conflicts in marriage.


It is still in a trial phase, but has targeted 800,000 young people yearly starting 2020 and to eventually make it mandatory for university students.


Julia Gosef, a 23-year-old student who attended the class with her fiance, said she worries that Egypt’s economic hardships could harm her marriage. Both of them would have to work, which could lead to arguments.


"If we want to solve the problem from the root we need to target people before they get married," said an official in charge of the project. He added that there’s a correlation in Egypt between divorce and problems such as child homelessness and drug addiction.(AFP)



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《中英對照讀新聞》Staring at seagulls can stop them stealing food, research shows 研究顯示,盯著海鷗看能阻止牠們偷走食物

Britain’s seaside towns are at war with their seagulls, urging visitors not to feed the birds in an effort to stop them snatching titbits like potato chips from tourists’ hands.


Warning signs deck promenade railings from Scarborough to Broadstairs and beyond but now research from the University of Exeter has suggested an easy way for holidaymakers to deter the gulls - just stare at them.


The research showed that with a human staring at them, herring gulls took 21 seconds longer to approach a bag of chips.


"Gulls are often seen as aggressive and willing to take food from humans, so it was interesting to find that most wouldn’t even come near during our tests," said lead author Madeleine Goumas. (Reuters)



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中英對照讀新聞》Social media use ’disrupting teen sleep and exercise’ 社交媒體使用「干擾青少年睡眠與運動」

Using social media isn’t directly harming teenagers - but it can reduce the time they spend on healthy activities, such as sleeping and exercising, a study suggests.


Scientists conducted multiple interviews with almost 10,000 teenagers in England between the ages of 13 and 16. The teens reported the frequency they used social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.


The researchers found that with both boys and girls very frequent social media use was associated with greater psychological distress, but the stress impacted girls more. Girls were also more likely to say they were less happy and more anxious.


Very frequent use of social media may compromise teen girls’ mental health by increasing the risk of cyberbullying and reducing sleep and physical exercise, the researchers said.



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中英對照讀新聞》Why Do Chimpanzees Throw Poop? 黑猩猩為什麼要丟大便?

Going to the zoo can be a great adventure, especially if you find poop hurtling in your direction. The likely perpetrators, chimpanzees, are known to sometimes throw their feces at visitors.


Throwing feces is not a regular occurrence for primates, at least not most of them. Primates in the wild don’t normally throw feces. It’s typically observed only in captive populations of chimpanzees.


Chimpanzees have hierarchical social groups. They are known to drag tree branches or throw rocks when they are frustrated or annoyed or when they want to display dominance.


In zoo environments, especially if groups of people are staring at them, the chimps may get riled up or frustrated, and they may decide to convey that emotion to their captive audience.


Since they’re usually deprived of rocks, or branches, or any small objects like that, for this exact reason, they opt for the next best thing that they have within reach, which is usually poop.

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You can only do one of two things to an unsatisfied life: force yourself to accept, or convince yourself to change it.

少女離家記 (Mustang), 2015

#解憂電影院 No.364


“水ㄤ水某你們好! 一直以來都有關注你們的社群網站,不論是哪一部電影的評論,即便沒有經歷過類似的事情,也都很發人省思,自己也會在看完電影以後有很多的感觸,有的時候也的確幫助我走過一些人生的低潮! 但最近自己遇到了一些迷惘的事情,希望你們能推薦一部好電影,或者能給予一些方向和建議。


每天每天我都覺得自己要被內心的黑暗吞噬,失去人生的目標,當個在公家機關處理文書作業、吹著冷氣領著還不錯薪水的公務員的確不是我想要的,但我不知道放棄了這個目標我還能去追尋什麼 ,我不知道下一個人生的目標在哪裡?

我一直很想要出去旅遊去尋找真正的自己,而不是依循社會的期待,畢業後趕快找工作、找對象、結婚生子,但我也害怕去旅行跟流浪的日子所逝去的時間會變成一種浪費,我覺得我自己太害怕放棄現在擁有的一切、太在意別人的眼光、太想去達成別人給予的期望,沒有勇氣去賭一個未知的明天,或是找尋自己的夢想,請問像我這樣徬徨的人應該怎麼做呢? 希望你們能夠給我一些方向,謝謝你們!“


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You feel happy when you see the one you love dearly is happy.

新娘大作戰 (Bride Wars), 2009

#解憂電影院 No.363


“ 您好:最近我跟一位朋友大吵架,我氣到對她說了重話「你不值得我這樣思考為什麼?因為你都出一張嘴巴,不曾付出行動經營這段友誼,所以我們才爭執不斷,每次溝通也才都無效,我們不要再當朋友了」反正對他說了很多很多的氣話。





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《中英對照讀新聞》All Eyes on Japan’s First Male Virtual Influencer 日本第一位男性虛擬網紅眾所矚目

1sec Inc, a company focuses on fabricating projects in virtual and reality space, has developed Japan’s first male virtual influencer, "Liam Nikuro."


Liam is powered by computer processing, 3D CG technology that are used to project virtual three-dimensional objects onto flat surfaces, creating images with a sense of depth.

利亞姆是由「三維電腦繪圖」(3D CG)電腦處理技術合成的。3D CG技術用於將虛擬三維物體投射到平面上,創建具有立體感的圖像。

The use of this technology is becoming increasingly common in media such as and animated films as well as video games.


Liam is a virtual character who was created by superimposing an all-CG head made with the use of 3D tools on a body filmed in live action.


He is set to work in the fields of music, fashion, and entertainment, where he will be involved in the production of a wide range of content as a multimedia producer.

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《中英對照讀新聞》Zombie Ants Are Controlled by a ’Master Puppeteer’ Parasite 殭屍螞蟻被「操偶大師」寄生菌控制

A mind-controlling parasite turns ants into zombies, forcing them to climb to the tops of shrubs, bite down and die. Now, a new study finds that the fungus acts like a puppeteer, somehow "pulling" the ants’ mouth muscles.


The mind-controlling fungus breaks through the ant’s exoskeleton and enters its body, where it begins to grow and spread, said lead author Colleen Mangold, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at The Pennsylvania State University.


The first week after being infected, the ants act normally. But then they begin to have trouble moving and start to have muscle spasms. "They walk around rather aimlessly and in circles, or they don’t move much at all," Mangold said. After the ants die, the fungus emerges from the ant and seeks out its next victim.



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《中英對照讀新聞》Gov’t to invest W7.8 tril. to secure stable supply of 100 key parts, materials 韓政府將投資7.8兆韓元 確保百種關鍵零件、材料穩定供應

The government will invest 7.8 trillion won ($6.47 billion) over the next seven years to help makers of key industrial parts and materials strengthen their competitiveness in the wake of Japan’s restrictions on strategic exports to Korea, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said Monday.


By increasing R&D funding, tax breaks and easing regulations, policymakers seek to boost Korea’s industrial capability so that companies can localize 100 key materials needed to make semiconductors, displays, rechargeable batteries and other products within five years.


"Domestic materials, parts and equipment industries have been growing in size for the past years, but they are still heavily relying on imports from certain countries for key materials," Minister Sung Yun-mo said in a press conference in Seoul.



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中英對照讀新聞》 Russia hatches plan to become top tourist draw 俄羅斯研擬計畫 冀成觀光客首選

With ambitious plans to become one of the world’s top 10 travel destinations, Russia is offering tours off the beaten track to attract more visitors, with the goal of doubling tourism revenues to $25 billion by 2035.



Nearly 25 million tourists visited Russia last year, making it the world’s 16th most popular destination, according to the World Tourism Organization.


But the difficulty of obtaining visas, a lack of contemporary-style accommodation and transport links outside the main cities still put off many visitors.


Now the government has started to introduce electronic visas, which will come into force in October for stays of up to eight days in Saint Petersburg, though Russia has not yet said which countries’ citizens can apply.


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中英對照─Chihuahua Was Abducted by a Seagull/吉娃娃犬被一隻海鷗擄走



A wee chihuahua was recently snatched from his backyard in Paignton, Devon, a seaside town in the southern part of the United Kingdom. The culprit, according to his owner, was a seagull.

  • 住在英國德文郡佩恩頓港的黃白吉娃娃犬吉斯莫,日前被一隻海鷗從自家後院叼走。(取自網路)



While such an attack is feasible, "they are very rare," said Viola Ross-Smith, a science communicator with the British Trust for Ornithology.


On July 21 in Devon at 12:30 p.m. local time, the gull purportedly struck quickly and without warning. The chihuahua — a brown-and-white 4-year-old male named Gizmo — was safe in the garden, while the dog’s owner hung out the washing to dry nearby. Suddenly, a gull swooped down and scooped up the tiny pup with its beak.


In the U.K., the gulls most commonly found in urban areas are herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls. Like many other types of large gulls, both species are omnivores that eat whatever they can find.

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《中英對照讀新聞》India to overtake China as the world’s most populous country印度將超越中國,成為世界人口最多國家

India is set to overtake China as the world’s most populous country in less than a decade, according to a new United Nations report.


China and India currently account for about 37% of the entire global population of roughly 7.7 billion, with China currently home to about 1.4 billion people and India to 1.3 billion. But by 2027, India will have more people than China.


Besides India overtaking China, the UN report said Nigeria will be the third most populous country by 2050 with an estimated 733 million people, overtaking the United States, which will fall to fourth place with a population of 434 million.



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《中英對照讀新聞》South Korea’s coffee market to reach W6.8tr-韓咖啡市場達6.8兆韓元

The size of the South Korean coffee market will reach 6.8 trillion won by the end of this year, according to a report released by the Hyundai Research Institute.


Koreans, aged over 20, drank a total of 353 cups of coffee per person on average last year, the report said. The average per capita coffee consumption in the world was 132 cups in the same year, which is one-third of domestic consumption.


Shinhan Card said Thursday it has started running "Shinhan Face Pay," a facial recognition-based payment system. Its employees are able to make payments with the system at the cafeteria, coffee shop and CU convenience store inside the company’s headquarters building.



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《中英對照讀新聞》Trump attacked Baltimore. The city’s newspaper wrote a scathing response.-川普攻擊巴爾的摩 該市報紙筆伐反擊



The paper of the city that President Trump attacked didn’t mince words.

  • 美國總統川普日前痛批非裔的民主黨聯邦眾議員康明茲的選區充斥鼠輩且沒人要住,引發軒然大波。圖為康明茲今年6月主持眾院監督與改革委員會會議。 (美聯社檔案照)

    美國總統川普日前痛批非裔的民主黨聯邦眾議員康明茲的選區充斥鼠輩且沒人要住,引發軒然大波。圖為康明茲今年6月主持眾院監督與改革委員會會議。 (美聯社檔案照)


"Better to have a few rats than to be one," the Baltimore Sun’s editorial declared in its headline.


On Saturday evening, the editorial board of a paper that has been a city fixture since 1837 joined the wave of Maryland residents and leaders condemning President Trump’s tweets calling Rep. Elijah E. Cummings’s district a "rat and rodent infested mess" where "no human" would want to live.


The Sun’s scathing piece, which drew responses across the country and even as far as Senegal, highlights Baltimore’s strengths and accuses Trump of deploying "the most emotional and bigoted of arguments" against a Democratic African American congressman from a majority-black district.

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