Smashing the Schneeballen
超紓壓甜點 敲!敲!繽紛雪球樂

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Schneeballen is the German word for snowball. It is also the name of a delicious treat, which has become a huge hit in Korea and Taiwan. The colorful balls of short-crust pastry were first made 300 years ago in a small town in southern Germany. It was there that they were traditionally served at weddings and other celebrations.
Schneeballen is available in a wide range of flavors, including chocolate, coconut, and cinnamon, as well as salty flavors. However, the best thing about eating schneeballen is not just the delicious flavors. Before they can be eaten, they are put into a paper or plastic bag and crushed into hundreds of bite-sized pieces with a special wooden hammer. It is therefore no surprise that schneeballen is such a smash hit!
Schneeballen 是德語「雪球」的意思。它也是一種美味甜點的名字,而且已在韓國和台灣走紅了。五彩繽紛的球形酥脆糕點製作源自於三百年前德國南部的小鎮。傳統上, 德國雪球餅乾在婚禮和其他的慶典上有供應。
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