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South Korean football team FC Seoul has said it has been handed a 100 million KRW($81,300)fine after being accused of placing sex dolls in its stands to add to the atmosphere during a closed match.


FC Seoul sparked controversy on Sunday during its home match against Gwangju in South Korea’s top football championship, with the club being accused of using sex dolls to fill its stands.


Fans criticized the club online and said it had blown the chance to show off the K League to an international audience.


"FC Seoul messed it up making the league look salacious," wrote one. "It’s really ugly and dirty."


However others said the whole incident had been blown out of proportion.


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現在有一種族群,叫做「科技遊牧民(digital nomads)」,意思是指不需要在固定場所工作或上班的人。像是軟體開發人員、設計師、作家、記者、工程師,還有其他跟我們一樣自由,熱愛工作又對世界充滿好奇心的人們。經過我個人的體驗之後,我覺得游牧的生活比在辦公室裡更有生產力,不僅適合自由業者,更可以創立公司。對,你沒看錯,我在這段時間內創立了一間公司,Moo.do。

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Elon Musk: Inventor, Investor, and More



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Elon Musk’s first company was a web software company called Zip2 that he started with his brother. The company was so successful that it was bought by Compaq in 1999, and Musk’s share was US$22 million. Musk then invested his time and money in a new project, a company that would later become PayPal. PayPal would completely change how people buy things on the Internet and open a whole new way of doing business online.
He went on to found the company SpaceX, the first private company in the world capable of space travel. During SpaceX’s success, Musk was also working on the third part of his plan----- renewable energy. He helped two of his cousins to open the company SolarCity, which is now the largest solar provider in the United States. He also founded the company, Tesla Motors, a car company building only high-end electric cars.

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Oliver Wendell Holmes (醫生)

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“A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer and attempting a task he cannot achieve.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Physician
「藉由問一個自己無法回答的問題,試圖完成一個自己無法達到的任務,一個人可以實現他存在的目的。」– 奧利佛‧溫德爾‧霍姆斯 (醫生)

•“fulfill” 的意思是「實現、完成」,為動詞。”object” 這裡的意思是「目的」,”existence” 是「存在」的意思,為名詞。”attempt” 是「企圖、試圖」的意思,為動詞。”task” 是「任務、工作」,為名詞。”achieve” 是「達到」,為動詞。
•老奧利佛‧溫德爾‧霍姆斯 (1809-1894) 畢業於哈佛大學,是美國著名的醫生、教授、作家、及演說家,被譽為美國 19 世紀的最佳詩人之一。


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Ebola could reach France and UK by end-October, scientists calculate

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.ltn.com.tw/

Scientists have used Ebola disease spread patterns and airline traffic data to predict a 75 percent chance the virus could be imported to France by October 24, and a 50 percent chance it could hit Britain by that date.


Those numbers are based on air traffic remaining at full capacity. Assuming an 80 percent reduction in travel to reflect that many airlines are halting flights to affected regions, France’s risk is still 25 percent, and Britain’s is 15 percent.


"It’s really a lottery," said Derek Gatherer of Britain’s Lancaster University, an expert in viruses who has been tracking the epidemic - the worst Ebola outbreak in history.


The deadly epidemic has killed more than 3,400 people since it began in West Africa in March and has now started to spread faster, infecting almost 7,200 people so far.

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Mother Teresa (慈善工作者)

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“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”

– Mother Teresa, Charity Worker
「體貼的話語或許很短且容易說,但是它們的迴響真的是無窮止盡。」– 德蕾莎修女 (慈善工作者)

•“their echoes” 裡的 “their” 所有格代名詞指的是前面的 “kind words”,而 “echo” 是「回音、迴響」的意思,這裡當名詞用。”truly endless” 裡的 “truly” 是副詞,修飾形容詞 “endless”。
•德蕾莎修女 (1910-1997) 為阿爾巴尼亞裔的天主教修女,成立了 Missionaries of Charity (仁愛傳教會,又稱博濟會),她起初在印度加爾各答幫助貧困人家,而 Missionaries of Charity 於她生前的帶領下已在全世界 123 個國家完成 610 項任務。

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French government seeks more museum opening hours

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If the Socialist government gets its way, visitors to France’s three most touristic museums — the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and Versailles Palace — may get to visit seven days a week in coming years.


But a powerful labor union could get in the way.


As part of the government’s 2015 budget bill, the Culture Ministry announced this week it plans to give the museums the "necessary means" to open every day. Versailles and Orsay are closed Mondays, while the Louvre is shut on Tuesdays.


Christian Galani of the CGT labor union, which represents most workers at the museums, said Thursday it opposes the idea. He said it would ultimately hurt maintenance and raise overtime work costs.

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Napolean Hill (勵志作家)

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“All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”

– Napolean Hill, Motivational writer
「所有的成就,所有賺得的財富,起初都是由一個想法開始。」– 拿破崙‧希爾 (勵志作家)

•“achievement” 是「成就、功績」。”earned” 是 “earn” 的過去分詞,這裡當形容詞用,修飾後面的名詞 “riches”「財富、財產」。
•拿破崙‧希爾 (1883-1970) 是美國早期的成功、勵志作家,Think and Grow Rich (思考致富) 為其著名的代表作。

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Get on the Bus
台中 BRT 快捷巴士上路

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.appledaily.com.tw/

On July 27, Taichung began their new bus-based rapid transit (BRT) line, which passengers can ride free of charge by using their EasyCards. While that may not sound very extraordinary, this is no ordinary bus line. What sets this apart from other bus routes is that Taichung’s BRT will use 17-meter-long stretch buses to ferry passengers in and around Taichung.
These new stretch buses can carry up to 120 passengers and are equipped with larger doors that save time for boarding and exiting. The increased bus capacity would allow more of Taichung’s 2.7 million residents to take public transportation and thereby free up Taichung’s busy city streets.

七月二十七號,台中開始啟用全新的 BRT 快捷巴士路線,乘客可以用悠遊卡免費搭乘。雖然那或許聽起來不怎麼特別,但這絕不是普通的巴士路線。台中 BRT 有別於其他公車路線的地方在於它用十七公尺長的雙節巴士承載乘客行遍台中。


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Oliver Goldsmith (作家)

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.dailyenglishquote.com/

“The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those crowded with fruition.”

– Oliver Goldsmith, Writer
「預期美好前景的的過程比起已經得到豐碩成果的時光還要來的快樂。」– 奧立佛‧高德史密斯 (作家)
•這句話比較文言一點。”the hours we pass” 的意思是「我們所經歷的時間 (小時)」”happy prospects” 是「快樂美好的前景」,”in view” 是「看的見」的意思。這裡的比較級是在比 “hours” (所度過的時光),所以動詞要用複數 “are”,”more pleasing” 是「更愉快」,而 “those crowded with fruition” 中的 “those” 代名詞是在指 “hours”,”crowded with fruition” 是「充斥著成功的果實」的意思。本句的意思在指追求成功的過程更讓人感到快樂。
•奧立佛‧高德史密斯 (1728-1774) 是愛爾蘭人,他的著作包括詩、小說、劇本、及童話故事。

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Polly Want a Cracker?

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.appledaily.com.tw/

Leo walked into a pet store looking to buy a parrot. The store’s clerk directed him over to the three parrots they had in the store. “How much is that yellow one?” Leo asked. “That one costs US$2,000,” the clerk said. Shocked, Leo asked, “US$2,000! Why so much?” “Well, he can type 60 words per minute, and he can make coffee,” the clerk explained. “Wow. Well, what about that green one? How much is he?” Leo asked. “The green parrot is US$5,000, and I think that’s a good deal because he can answer phone calls and take notes for you,” said the clerk. “US$5,000 is still pretty expensive.” Leo said. “What about that red parrot? How much is he?” Leo asked. “The red one is US$10,000,” the clerk said. “Well, what does he do?” Leo asked. The clerk thought for a moment and said, “Actually, I’m not sure what he does, but the other two parrots call him boss.”


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Bill Gates (微軟創辦者)

英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.dailyenglishquote.com/

“Being smart is an elusive concept. There’s a certain sharpness, an ability to absorb new facts, to ask an insightful question or relate to domains that may not seem connected at first.”

– Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
「聰明是一個不容易解釋的概念。這是某種程度的靈敏,是一種吸取新事證,問具有洞察力的問題,或連接一些原本看似沒有關聯性事情的能力。」– 比爾‧蓋茲 (微軟創辦者)

•第一句話的主詞是 “being smart”。第二句比較長,”sharpness” 是名詞,這裡是指「頭腦的靈敏」,它的字根是 “sharp”,為形容詞。”insightful” 是「有深刻瞭解的,有洞察力的」,它的字根是 “insight”,為名詞。”relate to” 是「連結」的意思,”domain” 是「領域」的意思。“at first” 是「一開始」。
•比爾‧蓋茲 (1955- ) 是企業家、軟體工程師、慈善家以及微軟公司的董事長。微軟公司是早年他與保羅‧艾倫 (Paul Allen) 共同創建。

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Mary Kay Ash (化妝品先驅)


英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.dailyenglishquote.com/


“A good goal is like a strenuous exercise – it makes you stretch.”

– Mary Kay Ash, Cosmetics Pioneer

「一個好的目標就像是一種費力的運動,它會拓展你的潛能。」玫琳凱‧艾施 (化妝品先驅)

“strenuous” 是「費力的、艱苦的」。”exercise” 是「運動」。”stretch” 是「伸展」,這裡暗指「做你原來做不到的事」。

玫琳凱‧艾施 (1918-2001) 是化妝品公司 Mary Kay (玫琳凱) 的創辦人,幫助女性職員成功一直為該公司的宗旨,她的成功故事已在美國被廣泛研究。


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Monet picture found in German collector’s suitcase





A landscape by Claude Monet has been found in a suitcase the late German collector Cornelius Gurlitt had with him during a hospital stay, the latest piece to emerge from his long-hidden art trove.


The suitcase was left at the hospital for unknown reasons, and was handed over earlier this week to the court-appointed administrator of Gurlitt’s estate, the task force investigating the pieces’ origin said Friday.


The latest find comes after officials in July reported finding a few more works at Gurlitt’s Munich apartment, including a sculpture apparently by Edgar Degas.

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Larry Bird (NBA 球員)


英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.dailyenglishquote.com/


“I don’t think that once you get to one level, you can relax. You’ve got to keep pushing.”

– Larry Bird, NBA Player

「我不覺得當你到達某一個層次後,你就可以休息放鬆。你必須持續進步。」大鳥‧柏德 (NBA 球員)

這裡的 “once” 是指「當,一旦」,”relax” 的原意是「放鬆」,為動詞。”you’ve got to…” 就是 “you have to…”,「你必須」的意思。「keep + 動名詞」為常用句型,”keep” 這裡是「保持、持續」的意思。”push” 的原意是「推」,這裡引申為「推自己,督促自己」的意思。

大鳥‧柏德 (1956-) NBA 1978-1992 年的明星球員,也是 1997-2000 NBA 印第安那溜馬隊 (Indiana Pacers) 的總教練,目前為溜馬隊籃球營運總裁 (Pacers’ President of Basketball Operations)

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The Record-Breaking Book of World Records

世界之最 《金氏世界紀錄大全》




In 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, the owner of Guinness Brewery, was hunting in the Irish countryside. A fast bird flew by and he confidently took aim, fired his trusty rifle, and missed. He then started to argue with his companions about which are the fastest game birds in Europe. After arguing for several hours, he realized there was no reference book to settle the argument. It was at that moment that the seeds of the Guinness Book of World Records were planted. Sir Beaver believed that his customers drinking his beer in the pubs around Europe were probably spending a lot of time arguing about similar questions. Sir Beaver then employed some London-based researchers to bring his dream to life.

1951 年,健力士酒廠董事休比佛爵士在愛爾蘭鄉間打獵。一隻鳥很快地飛過去,休比佛爵士信心滿滿地瞄準了那隻鳥、用他可靠的步槍射向鳥兒,結果沒打中。然後他開始和他同行的友人們爭論,哪一種才是歐洲飛行速度最快的獵鳥。爭論了數小時後,他瞭解到並沒有可供參考的書籍來平息這場爭辯。正是此刻為《金氏世界紀錄大全》一書灑下了種子。休比佛爵士認為在歐洲各地酒吧喝他廠牌啤酒的顧客們,也有可能會花許多時間爭論類似的問題。於是休比佛爵士雇用了一些在倫敦的研究人員來實現他的夢想。


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Julia Morgan (建築師)


英倫翻譯 圖文摘自http://www.dailyenglishquote.com/


“Never turn down a job because you think it’s too small. You don’t know where it can lead.”

– Julia Morgan, Architect

「絕不要因為一個工作微不足道而拒絕它,你不知道它可以引領你去哪裡。」茱麗亞.摩根 (建築師)

“turn down” 就是「拒絕 (請求)」的意思,”small” 的本意是「小」,這裡是指「不重要,微不足道」,”lead” 是「帶領」的意思,為動詞。

茱麗亞.摩根 (1872-1957) 是美國加州第一位女建築師。

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“Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that’s a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect.”


Rob Reiner, Director

「每個人都說他想改變事情,想幫忙,想改造什麼,但到最後你唯一能做的就是改造你自己。而這就已經很多了,因為如果你可以改變自己,它將產生漣漪效應。」– 羅勃‧萊納 (導演)


•“fix 本身是「修理」的意思,這裡把它翻成「改造」,”ultimately 是「最終」,為副詞,字根是 ultimate”,為形容詞。”ultimatum 「最後通牒 」即為它的衍生字。“ripple 是「波紋、漣漪」的意思,”effect 是「影響」,所以 ripple effect 就是「漣漪效應、連鎖效應」。

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Jackie Collins (小說家)



“If you want to achieve your dreams, you must follow them, and the best way to follow them is not to think about wanting to be very rich, but to think about doing something that you really want to do.”

– Jackie Collins, Novelist

「如果你想完成你的夢想,你必須去追求它們,而追求夢想最好的方式不是想變的非常有錢,而是想去做你真正想做的事。」傑克‧科林 (小說家)

“achieve” 是「達到」的意思,為動詞。”you must follow them” 句中的 “them” 是指前面提到的 “dreams”,而 “follow” 本意是「跟隨」,在這邊意指「追求」的意思。

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1、例:You are not experienced enough to handle the campaign on your own, yet.(你尚未具備獨自負責這項活動的經驗。)

2、例:You don’t yet have the connections to make this deal happen.(你的人脈還不足以達成這筆交易。)

請注意,yet 除了放在句子最後,也可放在助動詞後面。

3、例:Your presentation skills are not proficient for attending the regional workshop, yet.(你的簡報技巧還沒有熟練到能參加區域研討會。)


例:yet 也可用於肯定語氣的句子,若may/ might/ can/ could 後接yet 表示依然有可能。用於打氣的時候就這麼說:Don't give up! Our team may yet win the competition.(別放棄,我們還有機會贏。)

此外,和yet很接近的一個字是still,也是「仍然」、「還是」之意,但和yet仍有分別。Yet 表示說話者期望要發生的事情還沒有發生,而still則表示事態仍然持續,如:We are still waiting for Jason.


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