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2024/02/21 05:30

The organizers of the first protest against Argentine President Javier Milei’s government will have to cough up tens of thousands of dollars to cover the cost of security forces deployed to the demonstration, the government’s spokesman said Friday.


Thousands turned out for the march to oppose Milei’s austerity measures and commemorate the deadly 2001 protests that followed the country’s economic meltdown.


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2024/02/20 05:30
◎ 魏國金

Nearly half of the world’s migratory species are in decline, according to a new United Nations report.


Many songbirds, sea turtles, whales, sharks and other migratory animals move to different environments with changing seasons and are imperiled by habitat loss, illegal hunting and fishing, pollution and climate change.

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2024/02/19 05:30

Extreme wind and rain may lead to bigger and worse desert locust outbreaks, with human-caused climate change likely to intensify the weather patterns and cause higher outbreak risks, a new study has found.


The desert locust — a short-horned species found in some dry areas of northern and eastern Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia — is a migratory insect that travels in swarms of millions over long distances and damages crops, causing famine and food insecurity. A square kilometer swarm comprises 80 million locusts that can in one day consume food crops enough to feed 35,000 people.


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2024/02/16 05:30

A ryokan at the Ikaho Onsen hot springs resort in Gunma Prefecture has a solid history of caring about guests with disabilities.


Back in the 1990s, a guest at the traditional Japanese-style inn started complaining vociferously in the hotel’s bathhouse after finding it soiled by disabled guests.


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2024/02/15 05:30


A restaurant in the US is charging some of its customers for their inability to control their children while they dine there.


Hidden away at the bottom of its menu, the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant tells its diners of its "adult surcharge," and adds: "No respect, no service."


Kyle Landmann left a review online, and said: "The owner came out and told me he was adding $50 to my bill because of my children’s behaviour. "My kids watched a tablet until the food arrived, ate their food and my wife took them outside while I waited and paid the bill."


His wife, Lyndsey Landmann said :"The kids were being so good. I even commented halfway through the meal: "I can’t believe how well-behaved they are."


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2024/02/07 05:30
The price of uranium reached the highest level for almost 17 years on Friday, driven by constrained supply and accelerating demand, against a backdrop of renewed interest in nuclear power.


The benchmark contract for uranium oxide which, once enriched, is used as nuclear fuel, rose to $85.75 a pound for the first time since January 2007.


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2024/02/06 05:30

An inert rocket of the type used to carry a nuclear warhead has been found in the garage of a home of a deceased resident in Washington state, police said.


Bellevue police responded Thursday to a report of a military-grade rocket in the garage of a home in the city. Police said an Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio, had called Wednesday evening to report an offer to donate the item, which a neighbor said had been purchased at an estate sale.

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2024/02/05 05:30

A Kentucky city has come up with an out-of-this-world campaign to promote tourism.


The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau used an infrared laser to beam a message into space to invite extraterrestrial travelers.

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2024/01/31 05:30

The main organizer of E3, a long-running videogame trade show, on Tuesday said the event will no longer take place, ending a 20-year run.


"After more than two decades of serving as a central showcase for the US and global video game industry, ESA has decided to end E3," said Stanley Pierre-Louis, President and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association.

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2024/01/30 05:30

A spaniel born with six legs that was found abandoned in a supermarket parking lot is now like other dogs after having her extra limbs surgically removed.


Ariel, who was named for “The Little Mermaid” character because the additional appendage with two paws on the end looked like a flipper, ran through the grass outside a veterinary hospital Saturday as she adjusted to life on four legs.

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2024/01/29 05:30

Germany will send six helicopters to Ukraine out of Germany’s military inventory to be delivered from the second quarter of this year, its defence minister Boris Pistorius announced on Tuesday, the first delivery of its kind from Germany.


The helicopters, called "Sea King" helicopters, should help Ukraine with everything from surveillance of the Black Sea to transporting soldiers, Pistorius said.


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2024/01/24 05:30

Train enthusiast Joe Biden unveiled a $8.2 billion plan to get America’s creaking rail network back on track, including its first ever high-speed link between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


The US president, who used the train between his Delaware home and Washington so much as a US senator that he was nicknamed "Amtrak Joe," visited Las Vegas to announce a series of federally funded rail upgrades.


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2024/01/23 05:30
South Korea’s parliament passed a bill to ban the eating and selling of dog meat, a move that will end the controversial centuries-old practice amid growing support for animal welfare.


Eating dog meat was once seen as a way to improve stamina in the humid Korean summer. But the practise has become rare - largely limited to some older people and specific restaurants - as more Koreans consider dogs as family pets and as criticism of how the dogs are slaughtered has grown.


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2024/01/17 05:30

City lawmakers in Brazil have enacted what appears to be the nation’s first legislation written entirely by artificial intelligence — even if they didn’t know it at the time.


The experimental ordinance was passed in October in the southern city of Porto Alegre and city councilman Ramiro Rosario revealed that it was written by a chatbot.

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2024/01/16 05:30
A 26-year-old man who tried to sell what he claimed was a walking stick used by the late Queen Elizabeth II has been sentenced for defrauding eBay buyers.


Dru Marshall, from Hampshire in southern England, claimed he was a senior footman at Windsor Castle and that the proceeds from the sale of the “antler walking stick” would go to cancer research. The auction had reached 540 pounds before he cancelled the listing after learning police had launched an investigation, prosecutors said.


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2024/01/15 05:30

There’s a bit of post-Christmas cheer on the menu for elephants and other tenants at the Berlin Zoo: they can chomp on Christmas trees that didn’t find a home.


The tree treats were unwrapped Thursday in what has become an annual event. Elephants tore off branches with their trunks and either gobbled them or tossed them around their enclosure.


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2024/01/11 05:30

A Georgia dentist earned a Guinness World Records title for his collection of 2037 different toothpaste tubes.


Dr. Val Kolpakov said his collection includes rare toothpastes from countries including Japan, Korea, China, India and Russia.


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2024/01/09 05:30
◎ 魏國金

ghouse after causing more than a quarter-million dollars’ worth of damage at a Houston car dealership.


One dog, described as a bull terrier mix, was captured in early December, and the second, whose breed was not known, was caught Dec. 31. Both dogs are being held by the Houston animal shelter, BARC.


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2024/01/08 05:30

Three trafficked Sumatran orangutans were sent back from Thailand to Indonesia on Thursday as part of a joint effort between the countries to tackle the illegal wildlife trade.


Nobita and Shizuka, both 7 years old, and Brian, 5 years old, had been living at a wildlife sanctuary in the western Thai province of Ratchaburi. After the repatriation, there are no more trafficked orangutans currently under the care of Thai authorities, officials said.


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2024/01/05 05:30
◎ 張沛元

Gone are the days when a laborious search by hand is required to locate a missing item at the lost and found office.


In May, Tokyo-based private railroad operator Keio Corp. introduced a service that relies on artificial intelligence to sort things out quickly.

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