The white-feathered, short-tempered sailor, Donald Duck, first appeared on televisions this month in 1934. Donald Duck’s origin may have been partly inspired by an Australian cricket player of the time, Donald Bradman. In cricket, if a batter fails to hit the ball, he is then dismissed as a duck, and in one particular game, Bradman did just that. At the same time, Clarence Nash was auditioning as a voice performer at Walt Disney Studios. Walt Disney himself was particularly impressed with Nash’s duck sounds and chose him to be the voice of Mickey’s new friend, Donald Duck. It was not long afterwards that Donald Duck started appearing in his own animated series, movies, and video games.


1934 年六月時,白羽毛、壞脾氣的水手唐老鴨第一次出現在電視上。唐老鴨的起源或許一部份受到當代的澳洲板球選手唐納德布萊德曼的啟發。在板球裡,如果打擊手沒打到球,就會被斥為「鴨子」,而在一場特別的比賽中,布萊德曼就是沒打到球而被斥為「鴨子」。同時,克拉倫斯納許參加了華特迪士尼電影公司配音員試鏡。華特迪士尼本人特別對納許的鴨子聲印象深刻,並選他來為米奇的新朋友唐老鴨發聲。不久,唐老鴨便開始出現在牠自己的卡通、電影和電玩遊戲中。 

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