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On December 16, 2014, a newly constructed amusement park for children opened its doors in the Shihlin district of Taipei. The goal of the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park is to give children from all over Taiwan a place to play and have fun. The park will feature a tree house, roller coaster, pirate ship, Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and much more.
The five-hectare park is currently the only amusement park in Taiwan entirely owned and operated by the public. The former mayor of Taipei, Hau Lung-bin, said he hoped that the park would become a big success and added that he wished to create a playful paradise for children. Each attraction at the park has a height limit to keep all park visitors safe.
2014 年十二月十六日,新建的兒童樂園在台北市士林區開幕了。台北兒童樂園的目標是提供全台的兒童一個玩樂的地方。遊樂園有樹屋、雲霄飛車、海盜船、摩天輪、碰碰車和更多遊樂措施作為特色。
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