Shallow or Self-Empowering? Below the Surface of the Selfie

With every click, flick, and swipe, social media feeds seem to be flooded with a tidal wave of selfies, particularly of women.Back in 2014, Google revealed that 93 million selfies were taken every day—and that was just on Android devices. Some website polls suggest women between the ages of 16 to 25 spend five hours a week taking selfies. Are women really so self-obsessed that they need the perfect picture to show off to the world?
每次點擊滑鼠、點開網頁及滑手機時,社群媒體上 —— 特別是女性 —— 的自拍照似乎讓人應接不暇。早在 2014 年 Google 上的數據就顯示了每天有九千三百萬張的自拍照,而那還只是在安卓系統的裝置上。有些網站調查更顯示,介於十六至二十五歲的女性一星期會花上五個小時來自拍。女性真有那麼自戀到要把最完美的一面展現給世人欣賞?

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