Sandy brought a record-breaking storm surge, flooding tunnels and subway stations and forcing an evacuation of lower Manhattan.

Strong winds and rain accompanied Sandy as it made landfall in New Jersey’s Ocean City, which became a vast expanse of water. A CNN reporter braved difficult conditions to report on the scene.

CNN Reporter
This water, this is ocean water, there are waves in the streets of downtown Atlantic City.

At around 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time on Oct. 29, Sandy made landfall in Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

CNN Reporter
Part of the city has been evacuated. New York City is under siege right now from Sandy. It’s even hard to talk now. 

Sandy has led many New Yorkers to begin fearing the destructive power of hurricanes.

A Lower Manhattan Con Ed substation suddenly exploded into flames twice, lighting up a Manhattan night that was otherwise plunged into darkness. The power company could not determine the exact cause of the explosion but said it was related to Sandy. It predicted that it would take up to a week to fully repair the damage.

It wasn’t just New York affected by the storm as much of New England and the Northeast experienced large-scale power outages. A total of 12 states plus Washington DC were without power. The outage affected 650 million people, who were still without electricity.

However, the power outage is just one part of the much larger weather related disaster.

Packing an average wind speed of 120 kilometers per hour, Sandy brought a record breaking 4-meter high storm surge that swept over the embankments on the East River and the Hudson River, causing havoc on nearby streets and communities. For the first time in a century the New York Subway saw seven of its lines closed because of flooding. And Manhattan was cut off from neighboring areas such as New Jersey when many bridges and tunnels were closed.

Sandy has also paralyzed travel on the US East Coast, leading to a cancellation of some 7,000 flights. It’s estimated that nearly 20 percent of the US population has felt the effects of this devastating storm.












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