At the second house


Now this house feels much better.


I think I see your point now. When we walked in the door we could see the living room. It just felt more open.

Anna: Yep. Look at the wall colors. Yellow is 1)uplifting, and it’s an2)auspicious color in Chinese culture. And that green is3)soothing. It represents growth and peace.
Rick: I never thought about why I liked these colors before, but it makes sense.
Anna: A red door would be best for good 4)fortune, but it might look silly in this neighborhood.
Rick: Ha-ha. My décor can make me wealthy?
Anna: That’s the idea. You can also put a fish tank, which represents prosperity, near your work desk.
安娜: 現在這間房子感覺好多了。
瑞克: 我想我明白你所說的了。我們一走進門裡,就可以看到客廳,感覺比較開闊。
安娜: 對。看看這牆的顏色。黃色神清氣爽,而且在中國文化裡是種吉利的顏色。那個綠色可以令人舒緩放鬆,代表成長與和平。
瑞克: 好我從來沒想過為何我喜歡這些顏色,但很有道理。
安娜: 紅色大門有助好財運,但在這個社區裡可能會看起來有點蠢。
瑞克: 哈哈。我的房屋裝潢能讓我有錢?
安娜: 就是這個意思。你也可以在工作桌附近放個魚缸,代表興旺。


make sense有道理,說得通

當你聽到有人說話頭頭是道,讓你大表贊同時,就可以說It makes sense.(有道理,說得通),口語中常把it省略,直接說Makes sense.。若想表示「那沒道理啦」、「一點也說不通」時,則可以說It makes no sense.或It doesn’t make any sense.

A: We shouldn’t launch the new marketing campaign until the old one is finished.

B: That makes sense. That way we can tell which one is working better. 



1) uplifting  (a.) 使人振奮的,使人開心的 The orchestra gave an uplifting performance. 交響樂團做了場振奮人心的表演。


2) auspicious (a.) 幸運的,吉利的 The couple wants to get married on an auspicious day. 這對夫妻想在良辰吉時結婚。


3) soothing  (a.) 使人寬心、鎮靜的 The mother played some soothing music to help her baby fall asleep. 


4) fortune  (n.) 運氣,命運 The recession affected the fortunes of both political parties. 





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