Jill: Here’s the arrangement with the bells of Ireland, which are a little plant-like, and the peonies, which are 1)lush and 2)delicate. And I’ve added a few pink roses for accent.
Brett: Spectacular. You 3)nailed the English garden look.
Jill: And now for your wife. Gloxinia, peach blossoms and baby’s breath—4)sparse but 5)elegant.
Brett: It reminds me of the hall/lobby of a fancy hotel.
Jill: Ha! Those are my biggest clients.
Brett: My wife will be impressed.
Jill: We include a card describing the origin, meaning and history of the flowers.
Brett: That’s a nice touch.
吉 兒: 這就是貝殼花的插花,有一點像盆栽,還有茂盛精緻的牡丹花。我還加了幾根粉紅 玫瑰點綴。
布烈特: 太漂亮了。你捕捉到了英國庭園的樣子。
吉 兒: 然後這是給你太太的。大岩桐、桃花和滿天星—稀疏但是高雅。
布烈特: 讓我想到高級飯店的大廳。
吉 兒: 哈!那些是我最大的客戶。
布烈特: 我太太會驚嘆不已。
吉 兒: 我們附上了一張卡片,描述花的原產地、意義和歷史。
布烈特: 真是錦上添花。

a nice touch 錦上添花

這句話是指把東西加上一些不必要的細節,讓東西在某方面的效果更好。譬如在桌上擺花並非必 要,但的確讓桌子看起來更漂亮,所以擺花就可以說是個nice touch。

A: How do you like what I did with the kitchen?

B: It looks great. The lace curtains are a nice touch.


1) lush (a.) 蒼翠繁茂的
The island is covered with lush forests.

2) delicate (a.) 細膩的,精細的
The dress was decorated with delicate lace.

3) nail (v.) 做得完美
Matthew nailed his presentation.

4) sparse (a.) 稀疏的,稀少的
The crowd at the concert was sparse due to the bad weather.

5) elegant (a.) 優雅的,漂亮的
The star is known for her elegant fashion sense.


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