Jill: Hi. Welcome to Roses & More. How can I help you today?
Brett: I need something for my mother-in-law.
Jill: Aren’t you sweet? What did you have in mind?
Brett: Uh…roses? Ha-ha. I’m 1)clueless when it comes to flowers. Any suggestions?
Jill: Well, what message would you like to send?
Brett: Luck, health…2)gratitude?
Jill: How about these bells of Ireland? They represent good luck and gratitude.
Brett: Perfect! I love the color. What a beautiful 3)shade of green. What would go with them?
Jill: Peonies—for health and 4)prosperity. See?
Brett: Brilliant!
吉 兒: 嗨,歡迎光臨「瑰滿庭」花店。有什麼能為您服務的?
布烈特: 我要買東西送給我的岳母。
吉 兒: 你可真貼心!你有什麼想法嗎?
布烈特: 呃……玫瑰花?哈哈。說到花,我真是完全沒概念。有什麼建議嗎?
吉 兒: 嗯,你想傳遞怎樣的訊息呢?
布烈特: 幸運、健康……感謝?
吉 兒: 這些貝殼花如何?代表好運和感激。
布烈特: 太完美了!我很喜歡這顏色。很美麗的一種綠色。可以搭配什麼花?
吉 兒: 牡丹花—代表健康和富貴。看到沒?
布烈特: 好出色!

love at first sight 一見鍾情


at first sight 是「第一次看到」的意思,所以這句話只適用在原本陌生的人事物上。

A: How long did you know your wife before you got married?

B: Just a few months. It was love at first sight.


1) clueless (a.) 一無所知的,愚蠢的
Most people are clueless about economics.

2) gratitude (n.) 感恩,感激之意
We gave Kim a present to express our gratitude for her help.

3) shade (n.)(色彩的)濃淡,色度
I think that shade of blue looks good on you.

4) prosperity (n.) 繁榮 
The railroad brought prosperity to the town.



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