Hey, Dan. You’ve been sitting in front of the computer for hours. What gives?

Dan: I was trying to keep it a surprise, but I’m at my wit’s end. Can you help me out here?
Brooke: Sure. But I’m no computer geek.
Dan: Yeah, but you work in 1) publishing. You probably know how to use photo editing 2) software, right?
Brooke: I do know a little. What are you trying to do? Make me a gift?
Dan: It’s a gift, but it’s for Sarah.
Brooke: Oh, that’s so sweet! My brother’s a hopeless romantic!
布魯克: 嘿,丹。你坐在電腦前好幾個小時了。怎麼啦?
丹: 我原本要保密讓它變成一個驚喜的,但我已經束手無策了。妳能幫個忙嗎?
布魯克: 好啊,但我可不是什麼電腦通。
丹: 對啦,但妳在出版業工作。妳應該會用照片編輯軟體,對吧?
布魯克: 確實略知一二。你想要弄什麼?做禮物給我?
丹: 是禮物,但是要給莎拉的。
布魯克: 噢,好貼心!我弟是個無可救藥的浪漫派!



What gives? 怎麼啦?

這是非常口語的用法,意同 What happened?、 What’s wrong? 等。此句用來詢問他人狀態,尤 其是在情況稍有異常,想知道是否發生了什麼事情時。

A: You look like you’re in a bad mood. What gives?

B: I got fired from my job today.


1) publishing (n.) 出版
(v.) publish
Karen works as an editor at a publishing company.

2) software (n.) 電腦軟體
What software do you have on your computer?



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