Dan: OK, I admit it. I’m 1)photographically 2)challenged.Don’t rub it in. What else can you do?
Brooke: There are lots of cool 3)artistic effects. Check out these color4)schemes.
Dan: What’s 5)sepia?
Brooke: It’s like black and white, but with warm brown tones.It gives pictures an old, 6)nostalgic look.
Dan: Cool. What about the tilt-shift?
Brooke: That’s my favorite. It makes things look like toys. Here, let me show you.
Dan: Wow! It looks like a model.
丹: 好吧,我承認。我是照相白痴,妳就別落井下石吧!還可以做些什麼?
布魯克: 還有滿多很酷的美術特效。瞧瞧這些調色工具。
丹: 什麼是「烏賊墨」?
布魯克: 就像黑白照,但帶有暖咖啡的色調。它會讓照片有古老、懷舊的樣子。
丹: 很酷。那「移軸效果」呢?
布魯克: 那是我的最愛。它會讓東西看起來像玩具。來,我弄給你看。
丹: 哇!看起來跟模型一樣。

rub it in 傷口上抹鹽

rub it in 的 it 是指「鹽巴」,rub it in 就是戳人的痛處,一直提到他們的糗事、錯誤、缺點等。 

A: I got a better grade on the test than you, and I didn’t even study!

B: OK, OK—no need to rub it in.


1) photographically (adv.)相片般地,攝影地
(a.) photographic 攝影(術∕用)的
The artist’s paintings look photographically real.

2) challenged (a.) 殘障的
The school offers special classes for the mentally challenged.

3) artistic (a.) 藝術的,美術的
The boy showed artistic talent at an early age.

4) scheme (n.) 組合,配置
Do you like the color scheme I chose for the room?

5) sepia (n./a.) 深褐色照片;(烏賊墨) 深褐色,深褐色的
I took this photo in sepia mode.

6) nostalgic (a.) 懷舊的
I always feel nostalgic when I hear that old song.


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