Heather: Wow! I can’t believe I found Cher after all these years!
Chad: Who’s Cher?
Heather: She’s a girl I met at summer camp. We lost touch when I moved years ago.
Chad: How did you find her?
Heather: Actually, she found me. She just friended me on Facebook.
Chad: Personally, I avoid social media like the plague. I’ve got better things to do with my 1)spare time than stare at a computer screen—I can do that at work.
Heather: Ha-ha, true. But social media sites make it so easy to 2)stay in touch with all your friends.
海 瑟: 哇!我真的不敢相信,我居然在這麼多年後找到雪兒!
查 德: 誰是雪兒?
海 瑟: 我在夏令營認識的一個女生。我很久以前搬家的時候就彼此失去聯絡。
查 德: 妳怎麼找到她的?
海 瑟: 其實應該說是她找到我的。她剛在臉書上加我為好友。
查 德: 我個人是對這些社群媒體避之唯恐不及啦。我的空閒時間還有比盯著電腦螢幕更好的事可做……我工作時已經盯螢幕盯得夠多了。
海 瑟: 哈哈,是沒錯啦。但是社群媒體網站把跟所有朋友保持聯繫變得輕而易舉。

avoid sth./sb. like the plague 避之唯恐不及


A: Did you date a lot in high school?

B: No. I avoided girls like the plague.


1) spare (a.) 空閒的,多餘的。spare time 即「閒暇時間」
We have a spare bed if you want to spend the night.

2)stay in touch (phr.) 保持聯繫。意同keep in touch
Have you stayed in touch with any of your friends from high school?



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