Chad: What’s wrong with using the phone?
Heather: Nothing, of course. But with social media, I can keep in touch with my friends all over the country, and the world—for free!
Chad: I can do that with e-mail, and chatting on Skype is free too.
Heather: Yeah, but Facebook is a real 1)time saver. When I write a post or2)update my 3)status, everyone can see it instantly.
Chad: That’s another 4)drawback. I don’t want my friends’ friends’ friends having 5)access to my personal information.
Heather: Well, you can use the 6)privacy 7)settings to control who has access to your Wall and contact/communication information.
查 德: 用電話不行嗎?
海 瑟: 當然沒有不行啊。只是社群媒體可以讓我和全國各地、全世界各地的朋友保持聯繫─而且免費!。
查 德: 我用電子郵件也可以,而且用Skype 聊天也是免費的。
海 瑟: 是啦,但臉書真的很省時間。當我貼文或更新狀態的時候,每個人馬上就能看到。
查 德: 那就是另一個缺點啦。我並不希望我朋友的朋友的朋友可得到我的個人資料。
海 瑟: 你可以用隱私設定來控制誰有權限瀏覽你的塗鴉牆、看到你的聯絡資料。

turn sb. on to 讓人有興趣

經由他人介紹而使某人對某事物開始感興趣。To 後面接感到興趣的事物。

A: Who turned you on to that band?

B: My best friend—she’s a huge fan.



1) time saver (n.) 省時的事物(a.) time-saving
This coffee machine is a great time saver.

2)update (v.) 更新
The website is updated once a week.

3)status (n.) 狀態,身分
Have you changed your relationship status on Facebook yet?

4)drawback (n.) 缺點,不利條件
The main drawback to living in Chicago is the weather.

5)access (n.)(可以)使用,(可以)取得
Few students in Africa have access to computers.

6)privacy (n.) 隱私
The new media law is designed to protect people’s privacy.

7)setting (n.) 設定
Can you help me adjust the settings on my camera?

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