Jill: I agree. In most stores you just see 1)generic roses, lilies, daisies, carnations…ugh!
Brett: Yeah, carnations are kind of 2)tacky I do like those lucky bamboo arrangements though.
Jill: They’re OK if they don’t 3)ruin them with those 4)cheesy ribbons and5)ornaments.
Brett: Well, your stuff is way more 6)sophisticated. I should get something for myself.
Jill: How about a succulent? They’re super 7)low-maintenance, and have a 8)masculine feel.
Brett: You mean like a 9)cactus? I always thought they were cool.
Jill: Yes. See these? They only need a few drops of water each week.
Brett: I’ll take two!
吉 兒: 沒錯。在大部分花店,你只會看到普通的玫瑰、百合、雛菊、康乃馨……噁!
布烈特: 是啊,康乃馨有點俗氣。不過我倒是很喜歡那些幸運竹插花。
吉 兒: 如果不被那些俗氣的緞帶和裝飾品毀掉的話,那些竹子是還不錯。
布烈特: 嗯,你的東西精緻多了。我應該買點東西給我自己。
吉 兒: 多肉植物怎麼樣?它們超級不需要照顧,而且有種男子氣概的感覺。
布烈特: 你的意思是像仙人掌?我一直覺得仙人掌很酷。
吉 兒: 是啊。你看到這些嗎?每禮拜只需要幾滴水。
布烈特: 我要兩株!

lay off 停啦,別鬧了

這句話用來叫人停止煩你,提醒人適可而止,意同 quit it 或 cut it out。

A: Will you lay off? I’m trying to study. 

B: Why don’t you go study in your room? I’m practicing for my violin lesson. 


1) generic (a.) 沒有特色的,普普通通的
That station plays nothing but generic pop music.

2) tacky (a.) 俗不可耐的
Did you see the tacky outfit Jill has on?

3) ruin (v.) 破壞,搞砸
The bad weather ruined our picnic.

4) cheesy (a.) 俗氣的,劣質的
That sci-fi flick is full of cheesy special effects.

5) ornament (n.) 裝飾品
Can you help me put the ornaments on the tree?

6) sophisticated (a.) 高雅的,精緻的
The store sells sophisticated clothing for women.

7) low-maintenance (a.) 不需高度照顧、保養的
I’m looking for a reliable, low-maintenance car.

8) masculine (a.) 有男子氣概的,男性的
Cynthia likes masculine guys.

9) cactu (n.) 仙人掌
Most cactuses grow in hot, dry climates.



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