Brooke: Uh-oh. You really need to fix this one. Sarah’s 1)crow’s feet are showing.
Dan: That doesn’t bother me.
Brooke: But it’s a 2)close-up. And it’ll bother her. Trust me.
Dan: All right. Go ahead and work your magic.
Brooke: OK. See? It’s easy. She looks ten years younger.
Dan: Wow! That’s amazing. This one’s a little 3)blurry. Can you make it look more 4)in focus?
Brooke: Yeah, by adjusting the 5)sharpness and 6)contrast.There. And you can give something soft edges by making it slightly 7)out of focus.
布魯克: 噢喔!你真的需要修一修這張圖。莎拉的魚尾紋跑出來了。
丹: 我不介意啊!
布魯克: 但這是張特寫,她會介意。相信我。
丹: 好吧。請施展妳的魔力。
布魯克: 好了。看見沒?很簡單。她看起來年輕十歲。
丹: 哇!真不可思議。這張有點模糊。妳能讓它更對焦一些嗎?
布魯克: 可以,調整銳利度和對比就行。像這樣。你還可以讓照片稍微模糊一點,製造柔焦效果。

work one’s magic 施展魔力

這裡的 magic 指的不是什麼魔術或是哈利波特的 魔法,而是個人特色或長才,讓他做起某事就是 特別突出,好像有魔力一樣。這句話用來形容人 時,就是「大展身手」之意,也可形容事情或物 品非常具有獨特魅力。

A: Have you seen that new cooking show?

B: Yeah. I love watching the chef work his magic.


1) crow’s feet (n.) 魚尾紋
Her crow’s feet show when she smiles.

2) close-up (n.) 特寫鏡頭
What lens do you use to take close-ups?

3) blurry (a.) 模糊不清的
Most of the photos we took turned out blurry.

4) 、7) in focus (phr.) 清晰的。相反詞為out of focus
Why aren’t any of these pictures in focus?

5) sharpness (n.) 銳利(度), 清晰(度)
How can I increase the sharpness of the image?

6) contrast (n.) 對比
How do you adjust the contrast on the TV?



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