We have all experienced a close call at one time or another in our lives. Perhaps you were just about to step off a sidewalk when a car came speeding past and nearly ran you over. It is also possible that you just missed gettingflattened by a rock that had fallen off the side of a mountain. However big or small, you have been fortunate enough to walk away from these events with your life. 
  Sadly, that is not the case for the many people who didn't survive the natural and man-made disasters that have happened throughout history. Who could forget the terrifying images of people trying to escape from the tsunamis thatoccurred off the coast of Indonesia in 2004 and Japan in 2011? Also, people everywhere are still trying to cope with the effects of the 9/11 attacks, Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown, BP oil spill, and more. 
  Could any of these incidents have been avoided? Through the use of interviews and CGI, National Geographic Channel hopes to piece together the events that led up to them. To see what happens in the final moments, don't missSeconds from Disaster 5 on NGC this month.

  很遺憾地,對於那些沒能從史上各種天災人禍存活下來的眾多受害者來說,他們可就沒那麼幸運了。誰能忘得了發生在2004年印尼及2011年日本沿海的海嘯、人們試圖逃離的可怕景象?還有,關於九一一恐怖攻擊、福島第一核電廠爐心熔毀、墨西哥灣漏油事故及更多其他事件,世界各地的人至今也還在試圖平復這些意外所帶來的衝擊(編按:墨西哥灣漏油事故發生於2010年4月20日,當時隸屬於英國石油公司(British Petroleum)的外海鑽油平臺『深水地平線(Deepwater Horizon)』發生爆炸,造成的漏油意外引起當地的生態浩劫)。

  1. a close call/shave n. 千鈞一髮的局面∕情況
    The construction worker had a close shave when he slipped and almost fell off the building.
  2. run...over/run over...  碾過∕壓過……
    The taxi driver stopped suddenly to avoid running over the dog in the middle of the street.
  3. flatten vt. 使平坦
    Cindy carefully flattened the letter her grandfather wrote her before putting it away.
  4. escape from...  從……逃脫
    The movie is about how several criminals successfully escaped from prison.
  5. occur vi. 發生
    Earthquakes occur quite frequently in this area, so make sure you know what to do in case of one.
  6. cope with...  應付∕處理……
    Charlotte is a tough girl, so she can cope with any difficulties that lie ahead.
  7. incident n. 事件
    Jack can't talk about that incident because it is still too painful for him.
  8. piece...together  把……拼湊起來
    The detective solved the case by piecing all the evidence together.
  9. lead up to...  (一連串的事件)引起……;作為……的先導
    Countless arguments and lies led up to the breakdown of Jack and Jill's relationship.
  1. tsunami n. 海嘯
  2. meltdown n.(核子)反應爐爐心熔毀
  3. oil spill n. 石油外洩,漏油
  4. CGI n. 電腦生成圖像(computer-generated imagery 的縮寫)



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