Chad: Ah, so that’s why you’re so big on social media.
Heather: Well, it’s just one reason. Anyway, 1)speaking of business—I’m thinking of starting a blog about food.
Chad: Don’t tell me—you want to use it to sell your food 2)pics. They are pretty awesome.
Heather: Well, not exactly. There’s just too much food porn online these days.
Chad: So you’re just gonna write about food and post photos? How will that make money?
Heather: With advertising. The more hits I get, the more money I 3)rake in.
查 德: 哦,所以你才對社群媒體這麼熱中。
海 瑟: 嗯,這只是原因之一啦。而說到事業,我正想說要開一個美食部落格。
查 德: 你該不會是想要利用這個來賣妳拍的美食照片吧!那些照片真的很棒。
海 瑟: 嗯,也不算是啦。現在網路上有太多誘人的美食照片了。
查 德: 所以妳只是要寫美食和放照片嗎?那要怎麼賺錢?
海 瑟: 靠廣告啊。有越多人點閱,我就可以賺進越多錢。

big on sth. 對……熱中


A: Do you want to go see the latest Spiderman movie with me?

B: No, thanks. I’m not very big on superhero movies.


1) speak of (phr.) 說到,提及
Speaking of movies, have you seen The Avengers?

2) pic (n.) 照片,picture 的縮減字
Could you e-mail me those pics you took?

3) rake in (phr.) 大筆賺進
The film raked in over $10 million on its opening night.

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