After almost a decade of trying to become a regular in the major leagues, Hu Chin-lung may be pursuing a new career path. A report says that the 28-year-old baseball player has become a regular on the driving range. Apparently Hu is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and make a living in the game of golf. 

In the middle of next month Taiwan will compete for a spot in the World Baseball Classic. Coaches of the national team are eagerly recruiting local baseball players who are playing abroad. One such player they covet is Hu Chin-lung, but a report claims that Hu is giving up baseball for the game of golf.

Hu began his major league career in 2003 when he signed a US$150,000 contract with the Dodgers. He was called up in 2007 after four years in the minors, becoming the second Dodgers position player from Taiwan. But LA had a deep infield, and Hu ended up splitting time between the majors and minors. He joined the Mets in 2011, but his bat continued to be weak. Hu was out-righted and signed a minor league contract with the Indians in January of this year. Two months later he was released. He joined one of the independent leagues.

But Hu may pursue a new career. His father is a golf instructor, and swinging a golf club is much like swinging a baseball bat. Hu already can hit a golf ball over 300 yards and is taking 80 or so swings a day in New Mexico. It seems Hu is already making plans for his post-baseball life.





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