Laura: Exactly. If you’re not careful you’ll get 1)addicted to your phone and stop living your life.
Dennis: It always 2)bugs me when I see people texting and walking. And I can’t 3)stand to see people in restaurants ignoring each other and playing with their phones.
Laura: It’s easy to fall into that trap. At some point you just have to4)disconnect.
Dennis: Yeah. I took a girl out on a date and all she did was show me stuff on her phone. I never learned one thing about her.
Laura: She probably just wanted a free meal.
Dennis: Thanks, Laura—real confidence 5)booster.
蘿 拉: 一點也沒錯,一不小心就會對手機上癮,生活就不正常了。
丹尼斯: 我每次看到有人邊走邊打簡訊,我就會很煩。而且我沒法忍受在餐廳看到有人只顧著玩手機,不理對方。
蘿 拉: 很容易就會掉入那樣的陷阱,有時候就是得「離線」。
丹尼斯: 對啊,我有一次跟個女孩約會,她就只是不斷秀給我看她手機上的東西,我對她完全一無所知。
蘿 拉: 她大概只是想吃頓免費的。
丹尼斯: 謝喔,蘿拉,妳真會提振別人的信心啊。

out of the loop 狀況外

loop 指的是「圈」,所以in the loop 的意思是被算進某個團體內(因而消息靈通,知情)。out of the loop 則是相反之意。這種團體通常涉及重要決定,用loop 比喻知情者和祕密流通者的圈子。

A: Do you have any idea who’s going to be laid off?

B: No. I’m out of the loop.


1) addicted (to) (a.) 上癮的,入迷的 
addict (n.) 上癮或入迷的人
Samantha is addicted to chocolate.

2) bug] (v.) 煩擾,惹惱
Quit bugging me—I’m trying to study!

3) stand (v.) 忍受,受得了
How can you stand all that noise?

4) disconnect (v.) 切斷(網路、電話,電源等)。課文中指「(暫時)遠離網路、手機等」
The Internet can be useful, but you need to disconnect sometimes.

5) booster (n.) 有增強效果的事物
Fruit and vegetables are excellent health boosters.



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