Shelly: What about travel games for the car?
Kevin: Travel games? Remember, one of us is going to be driving. We can play 20 questions, and I’ve loaded all our favorite tunes into my MP3 player.
Shelly: And we can always sing “99 Bottles of Beer” if we get bored.
Kevin: Yeah. Aren’t you glad I taught you the lyrics?
Shelly: Hey, there’s only one verse! Did you remember my favorite pillow?
Kevin: Yep. And I packed a blanket and sleeping bag too.
Shelly: Aw, how 1)thoughtful.
Kevin: Speaking of sleeping, it’s time to hit the sack. We leave bright and early.
雪莉: 那在車上玩的旅行遊戲呢?
凱文: 旅行遊戲?記得我們其中之一必須要開車嗎?我們可以玩「問答二十」,我也已經在我的MP3 播放器裡灌了好多我們最愛的歌。
雪莉: 而且如果無聊了,我們可以唱「九十九瓶啤酒」
凱文: 對啊!你應該很高興我教你歌詞吧?
雪莉: 喂,歌詞只有一行!你記得帶我最喜歡的枕頭嗎?
凱文: 有,我還帶了一條毯子和睡袋。
雪莉: 喔,你想得真周到。
凱文: 說到睡覺,該上床睡覺了,我們明天一大早就要出發。

hit the sack 上床睡覺

另一個說法是 hit the hay。sack 是床很俚語的名字,也可以指「睡袋」。hit 則是有「去、上」的意思,就像是hit the road 有「上路」的意思。hit the sack當然就是上床睡覺。 

A: Wanna watch another DVD? 
要再看一部DVD 嗎? 

B: Nah. I think I’m gonna hit the sack. 


1) thoughtful (a.) 體貼的,周到的 
It was very thoughtful of Carl to visit when I was in the hospital.



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